I’m new to Sunday Woman Magazine. The girls (and occasional boy) said they’d never have a puppy as they worked too hard and it wasn’t fair on the dog. Then they found that Sunday Woman readers all had pets too, and with dog walkers, flexible working and many career women working from home, a pup seemed like a great option, so here I am!

I’m going to be testing dog treats and toys. I’ll also be bringing you pet news and anything I think may interest you in the world of animals. I make cute videos and can be quite comical and I’m told I’m super cute. I’m a pug crossed with a Shitzu so I’m a very rare fluffy pug! It’s hard going out into the street as I get stopped by so many people but I’m getting used to it.

Here are the treats I’ve tested this week.

Dog’s Trust Gifts and Toys

Who knew Dog’s Trust not only rehomed my friends but also made incredible toys. Seriously, these products are immense. They sent us lots to test (our magazine editor made a big donation to Dog’s Trust as a thank you), and we loved everyone. You can see me in the bandanna in my profile pic!

Here’s what else we tested:

A portable, foldable, dog water bowl – genius! We used it at the beach = so handy that even other dogs came for a lick.

A teddy bear – I love him

Balls and ropes

My bandanna!


They’re all very cheap too. When you buy you also help to support Dog’s Trust and the amazing work they do.

dogs trust gifts

dogs trust gifts







Langham’s Complete Dry Dog Food from Aldi

Aldi have launched a premium pet food range and I quite like it! I’m a little addicted to Pedigree Chum so the girls didn’t think I’d be too fussed but it’s actually really nice. I ate it all and wanted some more. It’s also cheaper than Pedigree Chum and looks really posh on the shelf. I’m told it has more nutrients too and it’s hypoallergenic. It usually costs a fortune to buy this from the vets! Try it, you might like it too.

Here’s what Aldi say about it, the science stuff!

Langhams Complete is an advanced nutrition hypoallergenic premium dog food typically only stocked in pet specialists, in stores across the UK from July. The new launch will be priced at just £2.99 for 2kg presenting a huge 60 per cent saving when compared to the leading brand.

Chuckit Toys and Puppy Treats

I swear these toys are indestructible I have tried anything and there’s hardly a chew mark in them. I can use one ball in the dark which is great. I’m good at losing balls but I’ve not lost this one yet!

What they say – Chuckit! has a huge variety of outdoor balls, toys and launchers, an exciting indoor and a glow in the dark range too, as well as just launching a brand new Rugged range, built for tougher dogs and more powerful play.










The FURminator

Ok, at first I was suspicious but it actually feels pretty good! I’m loving this new brush but I can’t chew it, it’s got some kind of magic powers. And it hurts if I try, I’ll just have to enjoy the experience instead!

What they say-Caring and grooming your puppy has never been easier with the FURst Groomer for Puppies. The tool is specially designed to offer a soothing, massaging experience for your puppy, while keeping their hair clean and healthy. The particular tool is a 3-piece interchangeable slicker brush and comb set, and all brushes are designed to be safe and gentle on your puppy’s delicate skin.

Canidae Puppy Food

Yum and Yum.

What they say – Canidae PURE Foundations Puppy Formula with Freshly Prepared Chicken

With healthy omegas 6 & 3 for skin and coat Grain free and gluten free—without corn, wheat, soy, antibiotics, hormones, or fillers Simple recipe with only 9 key ingredients; ideal for sensitive dogs – A SIMPLE GRAIN FREE RECIPE MADE WITH FRESHLY PREPARED CHICKEN AND WHOLE FOODS COMPOSITION: Chicken (18%), Menhaden Fish Meal (18%), Lentils (18%), Peas (18%), Potatoes, Dried Whole Egg (5%), Chicken Fat, Suncured Alfalfa, Flaxseed, Gravy

Cuffleberry and Co

I was a bit unsure of this, it’s so posh! My mummy loved the basket and the packaging. I gave it a go but then my friend came round and wolfed down the full lot. I guess he has a more refined palette than me!

Cuffleberry and Co








That’s all for now, if you have a dog toy or product that you’d like to submit to our product reviews and you’d like me to test, please get in touch!