We review many mattresses at Sunday Woman as it fits with our luxury lifestyle image. We believe everyday should be filled with beauty, serenity and luxury, with a great night’s sleep being top of the list.

Recently we tested the Simba, and are currently testing many more, however, we’ve had to pause our mattress reviews, as our editor wants to hold on to the Duvalay for a little more. Could this be the best mattress we’ve ever tested? We think so.

This is no reflection on the other mattresses we’ve tested of late, they have their own unique selling points and provide excellent value for money. The Duvalay Diamond is simply in a different class to all others on the market right now, and is luxury at its strongest.

It’s no surprise that it boasts cashmere, wool and 100% cotton as the materials that make up the mattress. Duvalay want you to float away in a cloud of supreme sophistication and decadence and that’s exactly what we did.

Climbing into bed with a Duvalay Diamond Mattress provides an experience unlike any other. You’ll breath a sigh of conetnement as the 2000 springs adapt to your body in a bespoke, caring manner. You’ll revel in the temperate fabrics, as you settle onto the summer or winter surface, and you’ll find your body gently supported, as if you are floating on a cloud.

Through sheets, you’ll still enjoy the luxury fabrics that provide the best night’s sleep for even the fussiest sleepers. You’ll find yourself comforted by the warmest wool in winter, the coolest cotton in summer, the ultimate in natural temperature control. Despite it’s gentle support, it does provide the best resistance for those struggling with chronic back pain or ailments, as the springs adjust to the pressure, giving just enough bounce and stability.

Duvulay has blown us away, it is indeed the best mattress we’ve tested for some time, and because of this it wins our Top Product Award as we believe this mattress is fit for a Queen. We’ve not encountered any other, during our extensive mattress reviews, that provide the ultimate luxury as Duvalay does. It’s a true triumph and we can’t wait to see how this decadent range expands. For the best night’s sleep choose the diamond.