Summary: Mobile phones are handled a lot and wear and tear, damage, software and hardware issues are bound to crop up from time to time. This guide advises users on how to fix some of the more common issues and when to admit defeat and give up on DIY fixes in favour of a professional repair.

When using a mobile phone regularly, as most people do, users are likely to come across at least one of the below problems which affect performance. The advice given by Money Mate may help fix problems which previously could have cost money unnecessarily. It’s worth looking for mobile phone insurance such as that offered by Money Mate as it could save you hundreds of pounds should the worst happen to your mobile phone.

Freeing Up a Frozen Phone Screen
A screen may freeze up for a number of reasons however the most common is likely to be that the phone is suffering from a glitch or some sort of bug. A quick fix for a frozen screen is to simply reset the phone. Once reset the phone should be back working as normal. If not investigate the possibility of the problem being a hardware issue which will likely need a professional repair.

Water Damage
Damage caused by a liquid is extremely common and if not dealt with quickly may spell the end of your phone altogether. Some consider putting a phone into a contain of rice a folk repair and unlikely to work however even the top Apple technicians will confirm that this is the most effective way to draw moisture out of the phone without causing additional damage.

Before placing the phone in rice dry off the outside with an absorbent material, taking extra care around openings and leave the phone for at least three days, moving it occasionally before attempting to switch it back on. Repeat if necessary and if this still doesn’t work consider a repair company or looking for a new phone as water damage at this level is hard to fix.

 A Cracked or Smashed Screen
The best way to fix a screen problem like these is to use a case and a screenguard in the first place. If this advice comes too late there are two main options for how to proceed
Fix it Yourself
If you have the knowledge and the expertise to enable you to take apart a phone, replace the screen and then put it all back together again without causing further damage then fixing it yourself is definitely an option here.

Call a Cracked Screen Expert
Those less confident and those who need an official screen repair rather than a DIY one to keep their phone insurance company happy will do best to get an expert in to undertake the painstaking task of replacing a screen.

There are a number of small fixes which may be done from home with very little or no experience in mobile phone repair however it is important to know when you are beaten and call the cavalry before DIY efforts cause more damage to your mobile phone.

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