The Perfect Gift for Grandparents

We all love buying online and we love the convenience but there’s no denying we really miss those little shops that would line the cobbled streets. One nursing home in the north recently recreated a village green with a butchers, haberdashary and a bakers for their residents.

One of the shops I miss most, although controversial, is the tobacco shop. I have fond memories of staring through the window as a child, in awe by all the different jars, then as I grew older, buying the tobacco for my grandad.

I’d feel really proud when I bought him a treat from the pipe tobacco shop as it was always so well received. I couldn’t stick to his favourite brand as there were so many flavours to choose from I was always swept away with the new and exotic or the flavours that resembled desserts. Vanilla was high on my list.

As I passed it over he was like a kid in a sweet shop and couldn’t wait to uncrumple the paper bag to get to the contents. In my smoking teens I tried it but it wasn’t for me, nonetheless he loved it and would always enjoy a pipe with his tea.

This was before the health scares and as he was diagnosed with angina, he made efforts to give up. I missed that pipe tobacco smell as it transported me back to a time where we played outside until dark and bought penny sweets for the half penny.

Then I came across this, and it took me back. It’s a full presentation gift box complete with a sandlewood pipe. It looks amazing, it feels divine and better yet it has no tar as it’s completely electronic and you’re allowed to smoke it inside.

Using a new liquidiser technology it promises to give the same experience while the flavours are as diverse as they were in that little tobacco shop. I bought one and now, although it’s a long time until Christmas I can’t wait to give it as a present. I can just see the smile that will cross his face. Put the kettle on.

This ePipe Gift set is available from ePuffer the UK’s award winning supplier of electronic cigarettes and accessories.