The world’s first ‘Sound Shui’ expert gives advice and tips on ‘the power of sound’ and the impact it can have on your life. ‘Sound Shui’ takes Feng Shui, the Chinese art of ‘placement’, one step further – offering insight into the interplay of sound and music and how these can affect harmony in the home, our moods and performance. Something as simple as having the right sound system, such as Sony’s Multi-Room audio and positioning it in the right place can truly influence harmonious living.

‘Sound Shui’ expert Jan Cisek explains, “Sound is vibration. Sound is energy (chi). And in the home, it is important to keep the energy flowing to give you more magic moments in every aspect of your life: your family, your love life, your career and your happiness.”

“Think for a moment about your own home. I’m sure you can identify areas which do not feel harmonious, which feel stagnant, where you feel blocked and apply Sound Shui thinking to these areas.”

Jan has identified the following ‘Sound Shui’ tips:

1. Identify the key areas of your home: enhance your life

  • Place this Feng Shui matrix (the bagua) over a plan of your home or room in such a way that the door is at the bottom of the page. It will always be either in the area of knowledge, career or friends
  • Compare your thoughts about areas of your life which do not run smoothly with the nine areas of your room according to the bagua. Think carefully about where you can most effectively place your Sony Multi-Room sound system and speakers in order to enhance your life.
  • Not sure? Well, you might place the main system in the area which is most important to you or to energise the place where you spend most of your time. Or if you place the sound system in the relationship/love area of your living room or bedroom, you’ll create more harmony and passion in this aspect of your life.

2. Living room / Lounge: creative relaxation

  • Do you have a living room or a lounge? There is a clear distinction.
  • You can have both by having music in a strong focal point in your space and playing music which both stimulates your creativity while allowing you to chill out.
  • Music is an individual choice and it affects different people differently, so you are completely free to choose the music which makes you feel good, active, energised, relaxed, creative and romantic – however you want to feel.
  • Place the speakers in the corner of your living room and this will result in the room being filled with your inspiring music, creating a softer, surround sound which will open up your senses, expand your consciousness and imprint a deep sense of calm throughout.

3. Kitchen / Dining area: nourish your body with sound

  • The function of food and the kitchen is to unite and nourish. Whether you are alone or with friends, play the music which builds your strength or which helps friendships grow when you choose to share the preparation and eating of food. With portable products like the SRS-X77, you can place your Sony Multi-room wireless speaker near the stove to add good vibes to your food.

4. Bedroom: sound sleep

  • Our bedrooms are the most important rooms in our homes for our well-being. They are our place of refuge and represent havens of safety and comfort.
  • Play soothing music before you sleep so that you sleep ‘soundly’ – notice how our language already acknowledges the importance of sound and harmony. Play something more lively and uplifting in the morning so you wake refreshed with a smile, ready to enjoy the day.
  • For maximum comfort and convenience, place your Sony Multi-room sound system near your bed.
  • Or alternatively, place the speakers next to a window and this will help maximise the acoustics of the music, ensuring the room is filled with a harmonious field of sound, which will cause the body to relax more, seducing you into a good night’s sleep.

5. Bathroom: cleanse your aura with pure sound

  • Bathrooms are for cleaning and cleansing, and music can purify the energy of the room as well as refreshing your own energy as you cleanse your body. Play something more upbeat for your morning shower – and choose more relaxing music for that pampering evening bath.

6. Garden: enhance the sounds of nature or jazz up your party

  • Research shows that spending time in nature or outdoors boosts our health and happiness – it’s called Biophilia – and it’s no coincidence that it’s also the title of a Björk album.
  • As well as playing natural sounds inside to bring health to your home, consider enhancing the Feng Shui of your garden or balcony by playing natural sounds outside too e.g. water, birds and gentle breezes.
  • And when you invite guests round to party, jazz up your outside areas as well as the rest of your home with cool upbeat party music – let the Multi-room speakers throughout the house sync your choice of music to bring life to the soundscape in every area.

Sony has a broad offering of Multi-room connecting products and options. From its sleek wireless speaker range, the portable SRS-X77, High-Resolution Audio capable SRS-X88 and SRS-X99 to its AV Receivers STR-DN860 and STR-DN1080 to the Soundbars HT-NT3 and HT-ST9, Hi-Fi System CMT-SX7 and TV Speaker Base HT-XT3, there is something or multiple products for everyone and every home. Music can be easily Google Cast onto the audio speakers from your smartphone or Tablet or alternatively music can be played via Bluetooth or NFC One Touch.