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Facebook became popular initially through college students, as photos and thoughts could be posted with ease, however now with millions of daily users it is the perfect platform for promoting any product or service.

The big business brands know this, and they have wonderful ways of adopting a new advertising strategy that takes Facebook’s users into account. These brands understand that the usual sales chatter won’t work on these savvy social networking users and so employ teams to handle their Facebook face alone.

You’ve Got to Love a Like

The increase in profits and sales is generated from every like a business page receives. It is easy and simple to set up a free business page making this audience available to anyone with a business brain. Although one “like” may not seem a lot, even this solitary validation of your product or service has the potential viral reach of thousands, as this customer’s friends see their activity, leading to their friends and so on.

The best Facebook for business pages hardly promote their services at all. Yet they do entice customers, fans and encourage customer interaction. They play on the fact that people use Facebook to interact and socialise and make themselves thoroughly approachable allowing potential and current customers to discuss, comment, or even post their own photos on their page.

Subtle Promotion

Asda for example don’t just sing about their fabulous products instead their page currently is all about baking. It asks users to post their own cupcake recipes and photos and declares a £100 prize for the best one. The £100 prize of course is not solid cash but vouchers to spend on Asda’s very own baking products!

Lancôme, a girl’s favourite makeup, uses a game in a subtle way, allowing the people that like the page a chance to play their game where they upload a photo to see how they would look wearing Lancôme cosmetics. The key here is the fact that until the page is liked, the game cannot be played, subtle but a good way to reach people, and of course if they think the makeup looks fabulous they’ll be rushing out to buy.

Keep it Real

Making sure your business information is on your page is also a good idea, many set up a page with only a website address not giving customers info on how to call, email or even pop in a store. Treat your page like your very own website making sure all of the information a person needs is right there in front of them as it takes a strong business to lead a Facebook user away from that blue and white page!

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