We weren’t going to do a Father’s Day gift guide this year, despite you all loving our guides. To be frank, we were quite disappointed with the offerings for men, it seemed where Dads were concerned, there was no surprise.

Beard trimmers and socks, ties and screwdrivers, we’d quite simply had enough. We covered all these in our Christmas gift guides and are still up to our ears in boring stuff!

Then a few companies got in touch to try and change our minds, to show us that they have solved this problem with brilliant gifts for guys.

We put together a selection of those we liked the best and now it’s over to you to put them to the test.

Wait no more here are our Father’s Day Present Ideas that Won’t Bore the Socks off Him

F1 Driving at Gatwick

Just visit their website and you will see just how incredible this gift really is. We sent one of our newbie researchers to test out this F1 experience and he was like the cat that got the cream. He now believes he has the best job in media, working for Sunday Woman, and we’re inclined to agree!



This is what he said about the day where he reached speeds of 200mph! (He did return a little green)

The F1 experience was the most amazing day I’ve spent in forever. It was immense. I don’t want to spoil it for others but it exceeded my expectations in every single way, while, strangely, due to the briefings, I still felt completely safe. The only question I had when ending the day was, “When can I come again?”

With Formula 1 now in full swing Lets Race, based in Horley on the borders of Surrey & Sussex (near Gatwick airport), can provide the perfect opportunity for any motorsport fan to let loose and offers a great gift for those dads who have everything.

Drivers can battle it out on the track in one of the centre’s 10 replica F1 cars that simulate speeds of up to 200mph and, thanks to grids full motion capabilities, Lets Race offers the closest experience to driving the real thing without the multimillion pound price tag.

What’s more, families can all enjoy a day out at the centre as Lets Race offers a GT Zone for children aged 7+, a Batak wall, a large scale Scalectrix track and a seated grandstand area in the main simulator room so everyone can experience the action no matter their age.

Experiences start from just £15 and gift cards can be ordered as a present ahead of Father’s Day

There’s also an incredible offer of two for one on RIGHT NOW!


Tomtom GPS runner watch

We loved this watch, we were a little skeptical at first as some had complained about connections but we didn’t find any fault at all, and we trialled in in the middle of Exmoor. It fits comfortably onto the wrist and is actually quite stylish, it also brings a little more excitement to an ordinary run. He’ll love it.

If you do, like a few others, have trouble though, check out the guidelines below, these should cure any confusion. You might also like to take a look at the link below which summarises recent improvements to the TomTom sport watch range generally following feedback from users:

 You can also now upload the data from your watch and download the QuickGPSFix without having to connect to your computer via the MySports mobile app.  I’ve also sent you the reviewer’s guide on how to use this on your smartphone.  

Please remember that the GPS satellites move all the time so it is important to update your watch regularly to ensure a fast GPS fix.  The best results are obtained when standing still, outside, with a clear line of sight to the sky.   Also note that it may be slower to obtain a GPS fix the very first time you use it in any given location.

TomTom Multi-Sport range colours midres

Withings Home Wireless HD Camera

OK, we may be living in a world of equality (almost) but what man doesn’t like knowing he’s taking care of the family? If this doesn’t interest him, taking care of his mancave might. This brilliant camera allows him to keep an eye on precious possessions when not in sight. A must for any paranoid Dad!


Withings Home is the first HD camera with air quality sensors, a complete home monitoring solution in just 30 seconds! With its ability to seamlessly stream HD video, to facilitate family interactions and to keep an eye on indoor air quality, the Withings Home is the most comprehensive house monitoring solution.
The Withings Home is the first video monitoring system that tracks indoor air pollution. It allows you to look after your whole family’s environmental well-being.
Specifically, you can:
·     Watch live and interact
·     Get notified of events
·     Be home from anywhere
·     Build a healthier environment for your loved ones
Special features:
  • A dream video stream – Thanks to the perfect combination of best-in-class video technologies, Home offers an HD video feed of exceptional quality, while keeping lags to a minimum.
  • 135° Wide Angle – No corner will go unseen. Home offers one of the widest fields of view on the market as well as automatic dewarping. Say goodbye to eerie motorized cameras and distorting fisheye lenses.
  • x12 zoom with auto enhancement – Home’s ePTZ-technology lets you pan, tilt and zoom in and out of the HD video feed. Home automatically enhances images immediately after movement to show you the smallest details.
  • Protect your family and belongings 24/7
  • Make it personal – Choose the metrics you want and fine-tune their alert thresholds to only receive the push notifications you need when you need them.
  • Always in the loop – Whether your house is full of life or empty, the Withings Home is always on duty. It keeps you informed of the status of your premises at any time.
Retail price is £169.95 

 Zepp Golf Analyser

£129.99 / Available from Argos and Currys

The Zepp multi-sport sensor analyses a users swing when playing golf and tennis, providing instant feedback via the sport specific iOS or Android app. Allowing them to adapt and perfect their play. Great for those picking up  a new hobby or those wanting to take their game to the next level. 

There’s also a ZEPP football analyser now which will sell out fast as soon as people learn just how brilliant it really is. Bound to be a winner with all dads. get your hands on it as soon as you can.

Lumo Posture Activity Coach

In the office we’ve been looking for posture solutions. We even considered buying the ribbed yoga balls that have recently been introduced in Chinese office blocks. We worry, as writers, how much time we spend sat at a desk and the effects it has on our posture and bones as a result. This, Lumo lift is the ideal solution. Just a quarter of the price of the Chinese balls, it is easy to install, and even easier to use. Dads will love it – guaranteed.

£79.99 / Apple Stores and Amazon UK

Lumo Lift is an appearance booster and activity tracker that provides real-time feedback on body position and movement. It comes in an assortment of styles and coloured clasps, and can even be worn invisibly, the Lumo Lift sensor provides a gentle vibration and will remind dad to keep his shoulders back and head lifted if slouching.

 Ifit 3 in 1 fitness activity tracker

Belkin wemo insight switch
Divoom airbeat 10 Bluetooth speaker

Divoom Airbeat-10 

£29.99 / Available from Amazon.co.uk

The Divoom Airbeat-10 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a suction cup that turns any hard flat surface into an extra subwoofer that amplifies the bass. Its splash-proof feature and portable design makes it an ideal garden / travel companion, and its bike mount creates the perfect speaker to listen to music both inside and outside the home.

Booqpad for iPad Air 2

£55 Available from www.booq.co.uk

The Booqpad is a stylish case to store your iPad, notebook, stylus, train tickets and cash, designed symmetrically for both left and right hand users.

Wifi Extender

11ac Dual-Band Wi-Fi-Extender 1200_FF

Poor Dad, he’s always the last to get to the Wi-Fi, with children and socially aware wives hogging the internet. How will he ever check the football scores or read BBC news? Now Dad ca enjoy great wifi- even in the shed (we tested it) with this neat device from BT.

We think many dads will really appreciate it, no matter where he is, he’ll be in a home Wi-Fi hotspot!

Ideal fathers day gift for the tech savvy dad if he is always playing on his tablet or trying to stream footy online maybe. BT offers the Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit and the 11ac Dual-Band Wi-Fi Extender 1200, these products allow users to keep a strong internet connection, access the internet in spots which aren’t always great for Wifi and ensure you are always connected.

 WeMo Insight Switch

Stockist: Belkin.com and Currys

Price: £49.99

An unconventional yet super useful gadget for any dad, the WeMo Insight Switch gives you more control of your everyday household appliances.

Simply plug the switch into the wall socked and then the desired appliance into the switch to be able to control the appliance remotely using the free WeMo app. Available to download from the App store and Google Play – using the app you can turn the device on and off, set schedules and rules based on your own routine which can save you valuable minutes in an already hectic day. Set the coffee to brew, ready to pour by the time you walk downstairs every morning or turn the TV off remotely at 5pm to ensure the kids do their homework on a school night.

Gigaset C430A – Sleek, stylish, sophisticated home communications set

 With a large colour display and customisable features including background, colour schemes and ringtones, the C430A can bring to life any home with its vibrant colour scheme, allowing your dad to enjoy quality conversations with friends and family.

 The handset also has a useful baby monitor function – ideal for first-time dads or households with young visitors.

Sunday Woman’s opinion – We love these phones and can see why Dad would too. He’d look so much more stylish with this stuck to his belt rather than a baby monitor. That aside, it’s triple functionality is sure to delight and it takes just seconds to set up. You can even mute callers you don’t want to hear from, now that’s a bonus! We love them. We’ll also have an independent review over on our sister site, The Consumer Voice, very soon.

C430A Duo

Currys, available in single duo and trio from £39.99

 Gigaset E630A – The accident proof home phone

The accident proof Gigaset E630A features a durable outer-shell that is resistant to shocks, water, and dust. Good enough for Alan Titchmarsh, the robust Gigaset E630A is designed for avid gardeners or in a busy summer garden, and is unaffected by the green, or muddy hand.

Certified to the international standard IP65 standard, the shock resistant rubber back not only protects the phone if dropped, but also means it can be held between the ear and shoulder without slipping. It has a hands free function too, ideal for chatting while keeping up with household tasks or the odd DIY job.

Exceptionally easy to use, the E630A has a large 1.8 inch colour display and an easy to wipe, sealed key pad – perfect for use with mucky or wet fingers.

Gigaset E630A

Sunday Woman’s opinion – with our offices on a farm we need a phone that can stand the heat and this one does just that. Although it doesn’t advertise it we were also impressed with the range as we could go to the depths of the garden, or over to the Family Mealtimes kitchen without that annoying beeping. It’s taken us an age to find a phone we’d like to use across all offices and now we have, we’re not letting it go. This is a must for Dads who love the outside, whether building, gardening or taking time out in a man cave as it can withstand most!

Ligo.co.uk & Amazon, £99.99

SaltRock Skateboards

For the younger Dad, try a skate board, but not just any skateboard. This tough board can hold great weight without compromising speed. To go with Dad’s new toy, check out the clothes from SaltRock, these are supreme high quality while being markedly better than the average TopMan.

PearPeel Case

For the dad that has two mobile phones this high quality leather case is just the ticket.

All cases can be bought from www.pearpeel.com, each case is either priced £45 or £49.

For the Man Cave

This vented plastic shelving unit is ideal for the mancave. We tested it over a month and found it eliminates a lot of storage problems usually found in barns. It doesn’t let damp grow, and stays relatively dust free. It’s sturdy, easy to put together and has generous storage, we love it. It’s also very cheap.

Who wouldn’t want more storage?

Find yours at Fil Plastic