Brits walk an average of 61 miles a year around the kitchen!!

We’ve all been there, at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s eve we begin to make a long list of resolutions, half of which we won’t stick to. The majority of resolutions involve keeping fit, loosing weight and eating healthy, so imagine our surprise when we found out that we’re already doing our share of exercise without a running machine or lycra in sight!

It isn’t a fad diet and you certainly don’t have to follow any hair brained plans, which normally mean we have to cut everything out we enjoy eating, no this plan is much simpler and odds are you’re already doing it!

What is this miracle fitness plan we hear you ask? Well, spending more time in the kitchen could be good for your health, as new survey reveals we’ve walked 130,000 steps in 2014!

The World Health Organisation, and also the NHS, recommend wearing a pedometer and taking 10,000 steps a day as a way to improve fitness and combat obesity.

In a recent study carried out by Betta Living, respondents were asked to wear a pedometer whenever they were in the kitchen and the results were eye-opening.

Sunday was the busiest day, with an average distance walked of 0.6 miles (1,400 steps) and anything up to 6 hours spent in the kitchen by the person doing all the cooking and cleaning. Saturday was a close second (0.4 miles), with weekdays seeing lots of traffic only at breakfast time and early evening (an average of 0.2 miles). Totalled up this means we will have walked an average 61 miles (or 130,000 steps) around our kitchen in 2014; the same distance as London to Oxford.

We don’t just use the kitchen to make meals either. When asked what Brits used their kitchen for, cooking was obviously top of the list. But also appearing in the results were: eating (86%), socialising (35%), homework/study (25%) and browsing on the internet (24%). The average kitchen is now 11m2 (or 118 square feet) and getting bigger as Brits are spending more time in the kitchen.

Time lapse footage shows just how much walking around the kitchen is done, without even realising. So if you’re a keen cook, or love to entertain, you’re already on your way to staying fit and healthy in 2015.