Five Tricks to Make Him Fancy You Again

In a long term relationship it’s easy to fall into a routine that revolves around work, sleep, children and mealtimes. This is a wonderfully cosy way to carry on however most of us do miss that falling in love stage when butterflies would make us feel giddy and our partners would look at us as if we were the most beautiful woman on the earth.

Just because things have settled down it doesn’t automatically mean that your partner no longer finds you attractive, as we’re all guilty of taking each other for granted. However, there are ways you can remind your lover of those first flushes of love and of course lust that will put a sparkle back in your relationship.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Talking about how you first met, reliving the first dates and going through photographs together can be enough to reignite that spark as our brains remember the feelings we felt and so produce them again. If you have children try telling them (censored) stories of how you met and fell in love as a perfect bedtime story you can tell together before they nod off to sleep and you can have some fun.

Ditch the Bunny Slippers

When you first got together you wouldn’t have dreamed of greeting him in your favourite baggy pyjamas and your bunny slippers yet as we grow more

comfortable with each other it seems comfort takes priority over sexiness. Many men complain that their partners look great when leaving the house to go to work, yet as soon as they return the makeup comes off and the nightie goes on. Try leaving the clothes on for a little longer, or if home all day make an effort to greet him on his return wearing some new underwear under that baggy dressing gown!

Surprise Him

One of the reasons we feel those sparks in the beginning is that we don’t know what’s coming next. We still have so much to learn about our new lover and this adds to the feelings of anticipation every time we meet. You can bring back this element of surprise by enrolling in a pole dancing class or a massage class and then treating your partner to your new tricks. They’ll be caught completely unawares and will scold themselves for assuming they knew everything about you.

Explore your Fantasies

Your fantasies are completely private and only you have access to them, however over a glass of wine you may wish to divulge some of the safer ones to your partner. Encourage them to divulge theirs too, such as role play with a boss and a secretary, a maid and an executive or even going back to school as a rugby player and cheerleader, then surprise him by investing in the perfect outfit along introducing yourself using a pseudonym just don’t forget to call him sir!

Go it Alone

You may love to spend every minute of the day with your partner, however there’s truth in the saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Take a weekend away or allow him to have a weekend with the boys, and you’ll be pining for each other by the Sunday evening realising just what you miss when you’re apart!