Tastes healthy and sure does give a good pick me up. It may be our imagination but skin seems clearer too!

FTN is the worlds first wholefood nutraceutical stem cell recovery drink. Taken everyday the potent blend of five key ingredients has been proven to work with body’s own natural repair and renewal systems – allowing the body to slow down the ageing process, speed up recovery times from training and also protect against degenerative diseases. We are already working with Cardiff Blues Rugby and Ian Rush to aid recovery times for atheletes.

Completely natural and free of any chemical or stimulants the unique properties of the blend have already been documented in five published independent research papers – all of which are downloadable via our website. We’re very lucky in being able to already count Sir Elton John and his partner as fans along with model/actress Agnes Deyn!

FTN is currently being sold online at www.ftnbelieve.comwww.amazon.co.uk and stocked with specialist retailers Win Naturally.