As we grow older, and more sensible, our imagination seems to diminish. We no longer look for new ways to travel or to get from A to B, as we become stuck in a rut, and also worry about our reputation and what others may think.

Maybe, though, there are benefits to taking a leaf out of a child’s book. The next time you’re in a park, observe how children travel, whether they’re crossing a path, running across a field or enjoying a family ramble. You’ll find that very few walk in a sensible manner, while most will choose some other forms of transport ranging from skateboards to cars with pedals. How can we learn from these children, can we spice up our own commute with a little imagination?

Grown Up Ways to Travel to Work

More and more products are being launched with the adult commute in mind. These commuting devices all offer great ways to get in shape as well as breaking up the monotony of daily travelling. Here are some suggestions for travelling to work with a difference.


A scooter, or micro scooter, is an ideal way to speed up the commute while getting fit. It takes very little skill, unlike a skateboard, and will tone thighs and arms as you scoot. There are lots of adult scooters available at the moment, each with the added bonus of folding for easy transportation once you reach the tube.

A Fold Up or Electrical Bicycle

A bicycle is one of the best, most eco-friendly and efficient ways to travel in a city and you don’t need to be a professional cyclist to benefit. There are new types of bicycle available that help you in varying areas, allowing you to consider this mode of transport that you may have previously dismissed. For example, an electric bicycle won’t do all the work for you but it will help you with any hills while a folding bicycle will ensure you can mix up your commute, with trains, buses or trams alongside your cycle route. Along with the birth of these new gadgets there’s also a new wave of cycle injury lawyers London, so you are protected should you find yourself in a cycling accident.

Roller Skates or Blades

If you used to roller skate or blade in your teens you can choose this method for getting to work (you may need a change of clothes). You don’t have to rollerblade if you’re a little unsteady as there are four wheeled roller skates available. IF this seems a little too much, consider Heelys. They take a little time to master but once you have you’ll find your ordinary commute much faster.

Unfortunately, inventors have yet to come up with a pedal car for grown-ups. This would be a great way to travel to work using the pavements. Above all stay safe, and don’t worry about what other people think. By choosing these methods you’re getting fit, you’re having fun and you’re cutting down the time it takes to travel to work. There are no negatives.

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