Gazelli House is a spa unlike any other, a home away from home, a location to lose yourself in. The attention to detail is spectacular and a membership here means you’ll never feel alone in London again.

The women at Gazelli House want to be your friend and they’ve succeeded in creating an indulgent, relaxing atmosphere where you can relax, unwind and take your time. The experience doesn’t start and end with a massage, you can absorb all three levels of gloriousness, along with the zen natural space outside.


Once a member, the house is yours, to do with as you wish, You can find a quiet corner to read in or join people in rich discussion. You can attend the informal events, that explore spirituality, hypnotherapy and music, or you can simply enjoy some herbal tea and meditate, the choice is all yours.

Of course there are many treatments on offer, but these differ from any other spa as they take a holistic approach that comforts your body and mind. The prescriptive massage is completely bespoke and tailored to your own conditions, situation, likes and loves, while the masseur makes a great effort to make you feel comfortable and listens to all your questions.gazelli-house-award-winner

You’ll leave the prescriptive massage free from signature aches and pains that have plagued you and feeling like you’ve made a new friend. The showers are gloriously opulent, as is the rest of the house.

We can quite easily say that Gazelli House has succeeded in its mission to be the friendliest, warmest destination for busy women. This is why Gazelli wins our London Spa Award of 2016.

You’ll soon see the Sunday Woman plaque adorning the informal reception, letting you know you’ve chosen the best spa for your relaxation.sw-best-london-spa