This gift guide is being updated as you read as we couldn’t wait to bring you the very best gift ideas for women, and we’re still finding new products that just have to be shared!

This year we’ve scoured the entire planet, from Etsy to Amazon, from Ebay to Next, from the smallest start ups to the largest brands and we have definitely found the very best gift ideas for women. If you are a woman reading this, grab a pen, or save the article on Facebook, as this will definitely become your very own Wishlist.

Every product screams luxury gift, from jewellery with a conscience to the very best chocolate, from luxurious scented candles to the very best skincare and cosmetics. There’s something for everyone.

Let’s start with a bit of bling. Usually this is dull, not this year, just take a look at these!

Fiyah Third Eye Jewellery

The third eye is said to protect you from negative vibes. When visiting Turkey I was gifted one by a male tour guide who said I looked beautiful but needed to take the eye after his compliment. Apparently compliments can give you an ego, which is frowned upon, so the eye protects from this. Maybe I am getting mixed up with the magic eye, either way, this jewellery is stunning, very well made and looks gorgeous on.

Third Eye by Fiyah

Perfino Scented Necklace

This is a beautiful gift of a necklace that holds lava stones that absorb a scent of your choice, releasing fragrance throughout the day. A very high quality necklace that looks amazing on and will become a staple part of any jewellery box. We adore it and think it’s an amazing gift.

Joma Jewellery

Joma Jewellery have the most gorgeous gift boxes and packaging that delivers incredibly sparkly jewellery inside. You will not disappoint if you choose anything from their range this year. If you’re shopping on a budget, looking for a small gift or wanting to give something very special without breaking the bank, this is for you!

Joma jewellery Sunday woman award

El Camino Bracelets

This is a great jewellery choice for the traveller in your life. Starting from £29.99 you can add your own beads with destinations you’ve travelled to, such as the one pictured below. It’s intricate and the beads are small, enticing conversation and intrigue.

El Camino Bracelet

After the jewellery it’s time to move on to some cosiness and comfort!

Bedroom Athletics Cosy Hoodie

This fluffy Oodie will keep you warm all winter, generous in size and supersoft, with a big pocket, it’s our favourite in the chilly office!

Fluffy Hoodie

Remember, the guide is being updated all the time, so do check back as we’ve more to go in the cosy section, such as the Chilcott Apaca hot water bottle, that is sooo soft!

Autumn Afternoon Dressing Gown

For something a little more sophisticated we have this absolutely stunning dressing gown come housecoat from the winner of our Best New Brand award, Autumn Afternoon. This is absolutely divine, it feels so soft yet looks so elegant and is packaged so beautifully. You will want to buy this for yourself!

Slippers from XYLondon

XYLondon are the new online shoe shop on the block with a range of the latest styles for you to choose from. They also won’t break the bank and the prices are so low and they often have sales on your favourite styles of footwear. We adore the fluffy rainbow slippers and these are cosy, yet stylish and also fun, keeping feet warm with pizazz. You can also view the rest of the range on their website.

Lana Faux Fur Slippers in Rainbow

Charlotte Rhys Salt Scrub

I cannot wax lyrical enough about how gorgeous this salt scrub is. It is the very best I’ve ever tried, coming first above the ESPA scrub that used to be in generously sized sachets but isn’t any longer! It has a divine subtle freshly cut grass and meadow scent and leaves skin feeling so very soft. It’s an absolute delight to use and leaves you feeling thoroughly pampered. I’m blown away it’s so good. The only complaint is, it doesn’t last long enough! It’s definitely a Top Product for us!

Olverum Pillow Mist

Olverum only do a couple of products but my goodness, they do them well. We already adore the bath oil, its blend of essential oils is perfect for a pampering hot bath and leaves skin feeling silky soft. That’s why I was excited to try the new pillow mist. It has not disappointed. This turns any bed into a luxury sleeping experience, clearing the senses while calming the mind. We love it.

Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream Set

Dr Hauschka is a new brand on our radar and we are enjoying the discovery of it. The cream is rich and luxurious with an English country garden scent and leaves skin feeling fresh, revitalised and moisturised. This gift set would make anyone happy this year.

Ducks from Dcuk

As you know we love ducks so we couldn’t resist these Alpine stargazing ducks and gorgeously crafted elf ducks that bring a touch of joy to any Christmas interior. They make the perfect gift as each one can be personalised with a name, and the winter ones would actually look great all year round.

Just take a look at the craftsmanship, then take a look at DCUK

Ducks by DCUK Winter decorations

Now for some beauty and cosmetics.

Sculpted by Aimee

We always test new cosmetic brands as soon as they come on the market. You can see more of our beauty and cosmetics reviews within the magazine. Sculpted by Aimee stood out to us, as it’s beautiful presented, highly pigmented and lasts a long time. We love this brand and are excited to see them grow!

Sculpted by Aimee