I have over 60 pets. Yup. Let’s count quickly, 8 cats, 4 dogs, 2 sheep, 1 rabbit, tortoise, 2 geese, 25 chickens, 30 ducks, 4 quails, zebra finches, budgies, cockatiels. Not to mention the strays we feed and the pheasants that are always pinching food.

It’s safe to say that life revolves around these pets, from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep. Right now I have a dog at my feet and a cat on my lap while another warms itself sitting behind me on the chair. The geese are honking at the front door, where we’ve had to erect a baby stair gate to stop them coming into the house every other minute. The sheep would also sleep in the kitchen if they could, both pairs are like dogs, cuddly, attention seeking, loving.

Anyhow, it makes me best placed to review pet products. Living in the middle of the countryside means that the dogs are always muddy. Shampoo is a must. In winter I battle with the animal smells in the home, see the best wax melts and scented candles for how I do this, and I think we’ve all become a little noseblind to pet flatulence!

This is why the food they eat is so important, along with the shampoo we use and the toys they play with. We’ve had fun playing puppy parlours with some incredible products and are very excited to bring them to you now.

Be : Loved Pet Grooming Products

From nose balm to paw balm, kennel candles to doggy cologne, Be:Loved has it all. It’s also natural, in a range of scents, and vegan. It makes the dogs smell divine and different shampoo bars can be used at different times. For instance, for insect repelling, which is ideal as we have a paddock with long grass meaning that ticks are a problem in the summer.

Cosy Cottage Pet Shampoo

This is a lovely pet shampoo in a handy bar that smells lovely and leaves coats soft. It’s also good value for money and made in Yorkshire, my birthplace, so it wins our best new brand award.

Cosy Cottage wins our best new brand award for 2022

Pets at Home Small Animal Treats

Pets at Home have brought out some incredible squishy toys for dogs and cats this season that you can find in our fluffy and squishy gift guide. For this guide we want to concentrate on their small animal products. From a Santa’s hat hide to Ho! Ho! Ho! chews for rats, hamsters and gerbils, their small animal festive range is amazing. Every treat makes us smile and brightens up the cages, making them in keeping with the season. They’re also adored by our small animals and that’s the only opinion we should listen to! Take a trip to Pets at Home and you won’t be disappointed, we strongly recommend the Christmas pudding hide. Of course they win our Best on a budget award as these won’t break the bank either!

Wins our Best on a Budget Award

No Hide Pet Chews

Our dogs are fussy, very fussy and they won’t eat biscuits or treats, which makes them hard to train! They love raw meat and cheese though. I was surprised at how quickly they devoured these chews, a few minutes and they were all gone. I can only assume they were tasty AF.

No hide pet chews

Sniffe and Likkit

Sniffe and Likkit nearly won the Top Product award but we thought they deserved the best new brand instead. These have been a lifesaver for me this winter. They sell gorgeously perfumed cleansing wipes for dogs and cats along with dry shampoo (a product I never thought I could live without until now), shampoo and much more. It’s all packaged beautifully and leaves the dogs so fragrant and soft. I can even use the wipes on the cats.

Sniffe and Likkit won our Best New Brand award in 2020 and now sport it on their merchandise

Chilcott Shampoo and Conditioner

These shampoos and conditioners have lovely ingredients such as lavender and peppermint, and rosemary and geranium. I love them as Padfoot, one of my pugs, always relaxes when rosemary is involved so it makes bath time easier. After a particularly muddy walk earlier in the week I used these products on all three dogs. The scent is subtle and it takes a lot to lather it up but there’s no denying the dogs were squeaky clean afterwards. They shine!

The spray on conditioner is ideal as it reduces the amount of time the dogs spend in the water, as my dogs hate bath time.

Edgard and Cooper Gift Box

This gift box is very large, the image does not do it justice. It’s beautiful and generous and packed full of wonderful treats for the dogs along with a bow tie! A great gift for furry friends and a gorgeous tin to use again and again!

Felaqua Connect

This is an intelligent water dispenser unlike any other for cats (and dogs), making life so much more convenient while also keeping areas tidy and looking smart. It comes in two parts, the actual dispenser, and then the technology to connect.

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