It took us a while to figure out what BB cream was and once we did we gravitated to the most obvious brand -garnier.

Now this BB cream was awful. Patchy, orange and made us look like we were pubescent girls who had gotten hold of their mother’s make up for the first time.

We didn’t even know such bad make up existed anymore. Needless to say when Ginerva asked us to review their BB cream, we were skeptical.

We tried it on a night, as the Garnier cream had been so awful it left the skin with a rash that wasn’t attractive during the day. Immediately we were impressed. As two reviewers who don’t like foundation the Ginvera BB cream offered the perfect cover, light, fragrant and most of all it looked as if we didn’t have any on at all. A pure winnner for us and a bonus because it’s made from Green Tea!

Available to buy now at nuusuite