It’s big. it’s blue, it’s bright, it’s colourful, it’s a retro kitchen’s dream and we’re a little in love with it. Say hello to the Gorenje Fridge Freezer in baby blue (other colours available), the appliance that boasts the best of modern technology and has a capacity akin to a TARDIS.

The aesthetics stand out on this fridge freezer and pull you in as the colour is bold and attractive, while the handles make perfect bold statements. It’s sturdy and certainly a conversation piece, while it operates smoothly as soon as you reach out to open the door.

Digital Display and Operating System

There’s a digital display that gives you complete control over the temperature, a display that allows you to operate the fridge and freezer independently. It all feels very high tech, just as it should be, for the modern, up to date kitchen.

We noticed immediately how generous the capacity was, with the interior being a healthy eater’s dream. No longer will you struggle to fit the salad into the crisper as it holds over ten iceberg lettuces comfortably (we tested it). There’s a shelf for drinks to stop them rolling when something is taken out of the fridge along with well positioned glass shelves for extra cold storage. The interior seems to be positioned in such a way that everything is on display. There will be no cheese forgotten in this funky fridge.

The door holds even more and will easily carry full milk cartons, fresh juice, extra bottles of wine, along with eggs and dairy produce. It’s the ideal storage solution that keeps on giving while adding style to any kitchen. Although it’s tall it’s not too high as teenagers can reach all the shelves with ease. It makes the most of the space available and fits through a standard door frame.

The Gorenje Freezer

The freezer operates exactly as expected, smoothly and without fuss. With drawers that offer ample storage, there’s more than enough space for a family of four.

From the retro silver handles, reminiscent of a 50’s cadillac to the high tech digital operating system, this fridge freezer puts Gorenje on the map. We love it. Which is why it wins a Top Product Award.