We recently stayed in a Helpful Holidays property on the South Cornwall coast. The property provided by new company, Helpful Holidays is called Bonny Alva, Portpean. Until this visit we’d never heard of Helpful Holidays before and so were quite nervous as to what to expect from this new Cornwall self catering holiday accommodation provider. This is our Helpful Holidays review.

We weren’t disappointed.

The property, although reasonably priced, was a feast for the eyes. Nestled in a tree lined avenue with view across to the sea and the golf course, it was clear money was no object for the other residents. The balconies allowed for further steps into the grand vistas, while the gardens, perfectly manicured, provided the perfect place for relaxation.

From the minute we arrived we were impressed. Usually, with holiday accommodation there are compromises to be made. Without sounding boastful, we already live in a lovely house, that’s very comfortable and large. When choosing holiday accommodation in Cornwall, we usually find we have to compromise on size, number of bathrooms or location to ensure we rent somewhere that’s equal to what we have at home. Afterall, aren’t holidays supposed to offer something better than everyday life?

Bonny Alva did not disappoint. It was a little smaller than home (most places are) but it was still extremely spacious. In fact, the layout was so considered, that we invited some friends to stay at the weekend. We didn’t get on top of each other and didn’t fight for the bathroom (there were 3 bathrooms altogether) and we didn’t find we needed to squash around the dining table.

The management of the property was obviously superior, not a speck of dust was found, whereas everything we needed was on hand, without cluttering the space. It felt immediately like a home from home and we easily settled in for a week.

The Location

The location was idyllic and personally, I think, they need to boast about this a little more on the website. It was perfect. We spent many evenings walking to the beach, in search of sea glass and rockpooling. The beach was quiet and we had it all to ourselves most nights and we celebrated as we discovered all manner of fish and shell fish in the rock pools. It was also just a few miles from many brilliant attractions, such as The Eden Project. We spent a rainy day here, encapsulated in a tropical paradise as the rain beat down on the domes outside. Even with such inclement weather we still had a great time, but would love to return in sunnier climes. 

Mevagissey is a small port full of charm and this became the town we visited the most. We enjoyed the seafood, and fish and chips on the harbour. The host of boutiques and other worldly shops was an added bonus. 

The Beds

Bonny Alva gave us all the best night’s sleep we’d enjoyed in a while and this wasn’t only due to the sea air. The feather cushions and 100% cotton bedding, along with the extremely comfortable mattress, meant we drifted to sleep on a soft fluffy cloud most nights. The beds were so comfortable that I searched for the labels to purchase the same pillows and bedding once at home. My own bed now resembles one made up by the Helpful Holidays team and I throughly enjoy climbing into it every evening.

I can only assume Helpful Holidays pay this attention to detail in all of their holiday homes.

Return Potential

Our friends that joined us have already booked with Helpful Holidays for their own Cornwall adventure, due to how impressed they were with the property and location. We, too, will also book with this holiday provider again as we simply can’t fault the entire holiday, from the great night’s sleep to the well stocked kitchen. We’re thoroughly impressed.