If you’ve never experienced cystitis then you are one of the lucky few women as the majority of us suffer from a urine infection at least once a year. Others are plagued by them taking constant streams of antibiotics yet there are ways to prevent and cure at home.

Honeymoon cystitis is the one we’re the most familiar with, aptly named as it’s the result of a lot of sex. When we’ve been without for a while and met someone new our bodies take a little time to get used to lubricating the engine again –so to speak. This also happens when you have sex frequently as natural lubrication doesn’t return as soon as we’d like, this coupled with the fact that we don’t bathe after every encounter means germs can spread leading to UTIs.

There’s no need to stop doing it though, as if you are having sex very often you are very lucky indeed. Enjoy the ride but take a little time for preventative measures or homemade cures so you don’t make your pill invalid with antibiotics from the doc.

Kit Yourself Out

You can buy urine testing strips on the internet now, the same as doctor’s use. If you’ve got a slight stinging sensation or the urge to wee often test your urine. If you catch a UTI very early you can aim to treat it at home, however if the nitrites show a bright pink you should seek medical intervention.

Raid the Kids Medicine Box

Now this has not been confirmed on any medical website, this is my own tried and tested home remedy and it works, not just for cystitis but for hangovers too. (Lots of sex usually couples sharing of wine another reason why in the first throws of a relation we’re prone to UTIs as alcohol dehydrates us). Diarolyte is excellent, use a sachet mixed in water and swallow; you should start feeling better ASAP.

Up Your Vitamin C

When I was on holiday in Amsterdam I developed crippling cystitis. All I wanted to do was sit on a loo or a hot water bottle reading a book and drinking pints of water. However, this was not possible so I tried the chemist and the cure they gave me worked. It wasn’t until I came home and translated the ingredients that I discovered it was simply vitamin C. Like guinea pigs our bodies don’t store vitamin C meaning we need to replenish the stocks daily, as it is an immune boosting vitamin make sure you get your oranges! This is also why cranberry juice works very well.

Take a Tip from a Douche Bag

Douche bags are just making a name for themselves in Britain, as a way to clean the vagina they involve warm water squirted up the vagina to cleanse. Weeing straight after sex is a great way to prevent a UTI however it may ruin the cuddles afterwards; there for a douche bag may be just what you need!

Sex Toys Safety

If using sex toys make sure they’re cleaned after every use, as if they’re not they can carry bacteria that will give a nasty infection. Simple sex toy wipes will do the trick, a quick wipe and you’re done! If you’ve had your sex toys a long time you may want to consider replacements as scratches and nicks can harbour harmful bacteria too.