The Hoover Freedom vacuum is our new appliance addition to a home with two dogs, 1 indoor duck, a tortoise, 2 hamsters, 10 fish, chickens and a goose. It’s sold as a pet vacuum and so it makes sense that this crazy house would put it to the test.

Many vacuums are marketed as for pets, yet don’t lift pet hair from the carpets or suck up stray dog biscuits. The same can’t be said of the Hoover Freedom Pets, as it certainly performed everything it promised.

I was impressed with how light it is in the first instance. Immediately I set to work, vacuuming corners and tackling pet hair. It’s no over exaggeration when I say that the house seems so much cleaner since this hoover came to stay, as it’s so much easier than a dustpan and brush, and brilliant when in a rush. Although I wouldn’t vacuum a full room with the Hoover Freedom I can see, in a smaller house, how this would work. It’s being used mainly for hard to reach areas, for stairs (which have never looked so good), high traffic areas, upholstery and the car.

It’s a very handy device that’s easy to lift and carry while still providing the strong suction needed to make short work of many tasks. If you worry at all about spider season, it’s perfect for hard to reach cobwebs, and brilliant at tackling those corners and cupboards where a normal vacuum would struggle. It can even be used in drawers, down the arms of sofas, on mattresses, in the glove box. With all the attachments it’s hard to pinpoint a place this vacuum can’t be used.

It’s chargeable and cordless while the charge lasts for a generous amount of time. We’ve yet to feel the charge run out when in the middle of a task.

We love it, and now have it wall mounted ready to take on any job, from the stairs to spilt ash on the carpet or stray biscuits from the dog. Highly recommended.