While discussing a prenuptial agreement prior to the big day may seem like one of the least romantic
things to talk about, it may also be one of the most important and will need to be done if that is
something that you’re considering.
If you’re in the UK and you feel as though you don’t understand prenups quite well enough yet, then
check out this blog from Howells Solicitors which explains everything that you need to know.
Sliding the word prenup into your wedding discussions may dampen the mood and be a little tricky,
but here are five tips to help you out a little:

1. It Isn’t Personal

A lot of the time, it is the person’s family that suggest a prenup rather than the individual
themselves. If this is the case, explain that your family are pushing for a prenup in order to protect
their family home, family trusts and overall wealth should anything happen to them.
Let your partner know this as soon as possible, so that they don’t think it is a personal reason and
get upset. If you can show your partner that there are other people that have married into the family
that have signed a prenuptial agreement, then this might make it easier.

2. Relate it to Insurance

Make it a little easier for your partner to digest by comparing it to insurance; whether this is car,
travel or home. You’re not asking for a burglary or car crash, but instead you’re just doing it should
the worst-case scenario ever happen.
Prenups are very similar, you’re not wishing for a divorce to happen before the marriage has even
started, but you’re just preparing for the worst-case scenario should divorce ever be in the pipeline.

3. Be Honest

If you should be honest with anyone in this situation, then it should be your partner. It is important
to be honest right from the beginning.
Don’t tip-toe around the idea of a prenup or drop hints, just sit your partner down and tell them
your thoughts and go into as much detail as possible. Your partner will appreciate the honesty and
hopefully understand that it is difficult for you to bring it up so will support you.

4. Bring the Idea Up in the Early Stages

Of course, once you get engaged, you’re going to be thinking of your perfect dress, the venue and
who to and not to invite. I doubt that a prenup will be the first thing on your mind, but you should
bring it up as early as possible. The longer your partner will have to think about the idea, the more
understanding they will be.

5. Choose the Right Moment

Don’t wait until your partner is heading out for the day, or while you’re doing the weekly shop – it is
highly unlikely that your partner won’t be surprised and will agree to it straight away. This discussion
is something that should happen sitting down at home, while you both have time to talk it through
and discuss the options that you both have.

It would be a good idea to ensure that your partner is in a good mood for this chat, as it could get
heated. Hopefully though, both parties will come to an agreement on whether a prenup is best for
you both or not.