We bring you tips on how to communicate for business success as a freelancer.

Client Communication

Communication is a vital ingredient in a happy working relationship with clients. This is even more important when you are a freelance web designer as most communication will be conducted via email where words can be misinterpreted.

It’s no surprise that on many freelance forums and platforms such as People per hour, clients can rate services using communication as one of their point scoring systems. Making yourself available is key to success and crucial to winning five star feedbacks every time.

Be Honest

Nothing infuriates a client more than when they try to contact you and feel as though they’re being ignored. If you are spending a day away from your desk, let them know beforehand, such as, “tomorrow I’ll be in meetings all day however I promise to answer any queries when I return at 3pm”.

Clients can handle you being unavailable as long as they have prior notice, what they find difficult to digest though is a web designer that seems to have disappeared with their precious project.

Keep in Touch

Even if you think you may over run the deadline keep in touch with the client. They need to know how their website is progressing and will thank you for letting them know that it’s in safe hands. Hourly updates are over the top, however depending on the length of the project every few days should suffice.

Answer all Emails

No matter how many emails you receive from the client be sure to answer everyone within the hour at least. This will enable them to relax knowing that you value their project above all others. You don’t have to construct lengthy replies but as long as you answer any queries professionally and politely they will be sure to recommend you to colleagues and associates.

Speak when Spoken to

Some freelancers believe that a sure fire way to secure a contract is to badger the client into submission, however, showing your enthusiasm in this way only serves to infuriate the client who already has oodles of applications to sift through. Make sure when applying or bidding for a job that you leave no margin for error, if you sell your services well in your application they will come to you as soon as they’re ready.

Be Professional

Even after the client has paid up you must be professional. No matter how busy you are or how glad you are the project is finally over, one word answers or arrogant speak will only serve to gain you a bad reputation. This is true if you’re leaving a job to go freelance too, as no matter how much you’d love to tell your boss to stick it, you need their reference to provide future work.