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The spa experience is one we’d all like to enjoy everyday, indulging in rich relaxing aromas in a clean, pristine environment as bubbles and lotions soothe every trouble away. Taking this into account it seems strange that the bathroom is one of the most overlooked room of the house with many people “making do” until something goes terribly wrong or out of fashion (pistachio bathroom suites spring to mind).

Despite the features required, the bathroom can be the easiest room to renovate. Bathroom suites can be very affordable, costing less than a new sofa or double bed. A great plumber can work with existing pipes and if you choose white, you will have a bathroom that will never go out of fashion.

If you already have a white bathroom suite, you can update it this autumn by embracing a touch of colour, this will give an instant makeover in the space of just one day. Any decorator can give a lick of paint to a bathroom along with a flawless finish within 24hours.

Colours that stand out for bathrooms this year include:


As Decorators Devon will tell you, this can be paired with mustard and clean white gloss for a striking finish. White accessories such as wicker baskets, shelves and lights contrast beautifully against a teal background. If you already have accessories, such as a linen basket in wicker or wood, consider painting it white.

It may sound a little daring but if you add a splash of red to this colour combination you’ll find you’re greeted with a Mediterranean bathroom that’s cheerful, bright and warm. Ideal for family bathrooms or for those who like to inject a splash of colour into everyday life.


Grey has held its own all year, first introduced in spring it now graces contemporary interiors across the country. Although it sounds rather dull on its own it’s a stunning colour that gives a very professional no nonsense finish, ideal for recreating the spa experience. Some even describe it as soft and warm.

Against white it looks amazing, the white will pick out the secondary hue whether it’s brown or blue. It can also be combined with accents of colour such as russet, plum, sky blue and even cerise.

Basically, choose grey as a base then make it your own adding your own touch of taste.

Other colours this autumn include emerald green and cedar. It’s all about bringing the outside in. Although these are seasonal the trends are set to last well into 2014 so you’ll have a bathroom that’s bang on trend for the cost of a tin of paint.

If your budget stretches beyond the tin of paint, have a look at the great bathroom and home furniture Just Originals In has to offer.