How to Get Fit

More and more people in today’s world are realising the advantages of a fit and healthy lifestyle. With the obesity crisis looming these genuine people are often ignored for their hard efforts. If you’ve never entered a gym before and feel out of breath just running for the bus, becoming fit can seem like an unattainable goal however there are some ways you can start before you step foot inside a mirrored placed of exercise.


To kick start your fitness first you need a positive mental attitude. It will not work if you don’t believe it will. Try to realise what has held you back for so long. Maybe you were teased in the shower rooms at school or had a particularly nasty gym teacher? Take all of these memories and throw them away, there’s only one person in charge of your fitness now, and that’s you!

Start small

Don’t expect to be running a marathon in a month, or picture yourself with a figure like Kylies in two. Start small, set goals, but realistic ones so you won’t be too disappointed and inclined to give up if you don’t quite get there.

Do something you enjoy

You may laugh and think there’s nothing you enjoy about getting fit, but if you think about it hard there probably is. Walking the dog? Dancing to your favourite tunes in the kitchen? Even hanging the washing out can help you become fit, not to mention sweeping the floor and snuggle time with a loved one. Think of activities you do enjoy then expand on them. You like walking the dog? Try walking a little faster, or a little longer, the dog won’t complain.

Don’t concentrate on weight

Your clothes will tell you when your body is starting to improve. Muscle weighs more than fat so when you do start working out the scales may tell you you haven’t lost any weight, yet your clothes will be hanging more loosely than before.

Have a day off

Whether you’ve taken up running, walking or cycling, have a day off once a week. Your body needs time to rest from activity and you’ll feel all the more better to start again the following day.