How to Give your Partner a Lap dance

Despite popular belief not every man feels at home in a strip club. Although most love the idea of a sexy woman dancing just for them, the high priced drinks along with the audience make strip clubs uncomfortable for some. However the majority of men would love to be teased and danced for in the comfort of their own homes where they can become fully aroused and also satisfy their desires without parting with a wad full of notes.

It’s no surprise then that pole dancing classes are becoming popular amongst women who not only want to keep fit but also want to please their partner too, yet not everyone has access to these so there are some ways you can give a simple lap dance that will leave your partner begging for more.

Confidence is Key

You may be a little nervous and also may feel a bit silly, especially if you’ve been with your partner a while and never done anything like this before, however your confidence is crucial to your success. Remember, your partner will love every minute regardless of your ability and if any mishaps do occur keep your sense of humour as this can often be sexier than anything else. No matter what your size or dancing ability, believe for ten minutes that you are the sexiest woman on earth and as soon as you convince yourself, he will follow suit.

Tie Him Up

One of the most arousing features of a lap dance in a club is the fact that customers are not allowed to touch the women. This makes men crazy with desire as when body parts are revealed they have the strong urge to feel what’s on offer. Make your partner sit on their hands or tie their hands behind their back and stipulate the rule of NO TOUCHING.

Use a Good Chair

The sofa may be comfortable however it’s hard to straddle and look sexy on a sofa so take a dining chair that enables you to place your legs either side of your partner.

Wear Heels

The heels will not only make you feel sexy they will prompt you to move delicately and slowly as well as highlighting your assets such as your bum and ankles. Wear heels as high as you can handle them and leave them on right until the very end.

Go Slowly

You don’t have to be an incredible dancer to give a lap dance. This is where most woman bottle out as they assume they’ll never be as good as the women in the clubs. Just take it slowly, the slower the better.

The Routine

Start by straddling your partner so your legs are either side of his. Brush your lips against his and nibble his ear. Then turn your back on him straddling again whilst gyrating your hips as if you were in bed and being the one on top. Brush against him as you can touch him not the other way around. Bend over slowly as your behind will look incredible in this pose and gyrate some more as you slowly stand remove your bra or corset so he can see it removed from behind but can’t see the unveiled prize at the front.

Step away with your arms over your bust and dance slowly then coming closer release your arms so your breasts stroke his face but you’re too close for him to see them. This will drive him crazy as he’ll want to push you back to admire you, however, you are in control. You can then take your own route, either remove some of his clothing and tease and caress or leave him fully dresses as you remove everything but your heels.

You’ll be an expert in no time!

Originally written for Temptations Direct by Martina Mercer