[dropcap color=”#2532e8″ font=”0″]T[/dropcap]here are two types of people, exhibitionists and introverts, however when discovering the delights of dining outdoors, both types will participate in a little al fresco friskiness in the fresh air.

The exhibitionist would usually relish the idea, loving the thought of getting caught; they will abandon all clothes and thoroughly enjoy themselves, whilst the introvert may need a little persuading. There are ways for these two people to reach a compromise though, and once the introvert has had a taste of love in the open air, they’ll be no turning back.

A Private Place

To persuade the introvert you could choose a private place, such as your own garden. Making sure there’s little chance of being overlooked, the introvert can relax and enjoy seeing it as nothing more than an extended from of a public display of affection. The extrovert can still get their kicks by imagining the postman or gardener turning up!

Keep your Clothes on

Many couples that enjoy sex al fresco understand the importance of keeping clothes on, especially if there’s a threat of being caught. Although it is lovely to feel the full force of a warm breeze on a naked back, if you just unzip jeans, or push knickers to one side you can quickly compose yourselves should you be interrupted. Fumbling with zippers is a lot easier to explain than standing in the centre of woodland completely naked. It still gives complete thrill as the wide open spaces and natural fresh air magnify any orgasm.

Public Convenience

Some people like to use public conveniences as a way to fulfil their needs during the day or night. After all, we already expose our private parts here anyway? You will need a cubicle for this and unless you want to end up as George Michael did, you will need to come quietly, but still the thought of doing something forbidden can be a huge turn on. This choice is not for everyone though as some lovers wonder why their partners would want to have sex in a well-used public facility when there’s a fresh smelling bed at home.

Holiday Romance

There are many opportunities to have sex outdoors when on holiday however tis can be the most risky, as if caught you can end up facing jail time in a prison where you don’t speak the language!  English self-catering holidays now have hot tubs and balconies that are not overlooked allowing you to indulge at leisure. You can discreetly have sex in the sea too, as long as your swimming attire can be pushed to one side, making it look from the shore as if you’re simply enjoying a really long cuddle!

In the Car

All over the world there are specific parking points that are renowned for sexual relations. You can even find your own secluded spot, enjoying some great positions as you navigate your thighs around the handbrake! For the adventurous there are also dogging spots where you allow others to watch from a distance, knowing that a voyeur is out there can raise temperatures even higher.