What Makes a Party Memorable?

If you’ve decided to throw your own party you’ll probably have a few things on your mind such as:

  • How to make it better than everyone else’s
  • How much attention you’ll receive
  • How long people will talk about it for afterwards
  • If it’ll make that girl or guy interested
  • How to have the night of your life but make sure everyone else does too
  • What you’re going to get out of it.

You’re human after all and unless you have Sookie Stackhouse’s fairy blood running through you, a party should bring you benefits especially after the hard work and money you throw at it.

To make it memorable you could go a few ways:

Do a Babs Buffet

Take a tip from the Eastenders crew and add a little retro chav style to your party with a Babs buffet. Choose favourites such as egg mayonnaise voluvents and a “foreign” garlic dip along with cheese and pineapple on sticks. The beauty of this is you’re bound to have an aunt that will jump at the chance of catering and you can call it retro dining. After a few drinks you’ll see those Iceland prawn rings go down a treat!

Spice it up with a bust of the Queen Vic and crown your own Ricky and Bianca at the end of the night.

Zone Out

One sure fire way to make sure people remember your party is to take them out of their comfort zones. This runs the risk of guests either loving or hating your event, but those that love it will wax lyrical for months.

Think of the fabulousness of Foundation then step it up a notch.

Tarts and Vicars = Prostitutes and Pimps

Originality with a touch of shock is the way forward!

Lay it On Thick

Great entertainment can turn an ordinary party into a spectacular one. Unless you have the budget for Meatloaf though, it’s unlikely to make your party go down in history. Think interactive, choose entertainment that gets people involved. The more people that share the limelight, the more you’ll receive credit for a job well done.

Personalise It

Making a party different ensures it stands out from the crowd and one way you can make sure it’s different to any other is to add your own personality. Make cocktails for one night only, name them after you or let others invent their own so they can take away something they’ll always share with friends.

Basically people will remember your party if they:

  • Pull
  • Get on stage
  • Receive a lot of attention
  • Get freebies
  • Feel special
  • Do something different

Now it’s your job to choose which way you’re going to go!