As the nights get darker and the mornings seemingly even more so, this Sunday brings us one of winter’s saving graces, daylight savings time and the return of Spring’s stolen hour. The traditional day for relaxing, spending time with friends and relatives or getting immersed in a long awaited project Sunday is arguably the best day of the week – and what better way to celebrate its elongation than to spend the day wisely?

So let’s schedule in some me time this Sunday. Just take your pick from out our top ten ways to spend your extra hour this Sunday:

  1. Whip up a storm in the kitchen. Forget the usual Sunday Roast and try something new – home-rolled sushi anyone? Or simply forgo the savouries altogether and create a recipe that calls for unsurpassed quantities of chocolate.
  2. Curl up with a good book. Spend your extra hour in a different world entirely. You can lose track of time guilt free and get your literary fix to boot.
  3. Look after number one! Take a long soak; fill that bath high and don’t forget to include plenty of bubbles – bonus points if you can find yourself a bath bomb or some crystals. Then smother yourself in silky soft creams and luxurious scents and before you know it you’ll have no idea where that hour went.
  4. Be at one with nature. Take yourself for a walk – wrap up warm and consider taking a flask – admire the scenery and revel in the exercise.
  5. Start a new series – but be warned this one is bound to take up longer than an hour! Before beginning bear in mind that you’ll be eating into real time as you sprint through that Orange is the New Black
  6. Have a conversation. Turn the tele off and phone an old friend you haven’t spoken to or simply reconnect with your children or partner. Make time to find out how their weeks have been and let them know what you’ve been up to.
  7. Plan a trip. Get your lap top out and begin your voyage – you could even plan to take your partner away and surprise them when you have all of the details drawn up.
  8. Bring the beat back. Blast the radio and spend the hour strutting your stuff on the ‘dance floor’ (you may want the house to yourself for this one) you’ll burn calories and won’t be able to keep the smile of your face for the rest of the day. Microphone hairbrush optional.
  9. Carve a pumpkin. Better yet get out there and pick your own pumpkin! There are lots of farm shops offering the experience at this time of year. A carving kit is probably also your best bet – especially if you have children helping – print off a stencil online and get to work!
  10. Head on over to Cilla. the all new Beauty, Homes & Lifestyle blog for more fantastic ways to be selfish (for an hour or more), beauty reviews and write ups, travel and homes and interiors features.

Whatever you do this Sunday and however you spend your extra hour – make sure you spend it in style and don’t forget to enjoy yourself! After all we don’t often get time off from life – why waste it?