As the seasons speed by so do the fashions and no sooner have we embraced one than a new trend is thrown in our face. I believe the best designs are bespoke, ones individual to you, your home and your family.

For an instant transformation today, follow these tips and put your money away!

See the Light

A lot of interior design is about creating an optical illusion. When you consider colour is simply light reflected at an angle it makes perfect sense. The positioning of a curtain pole can make a dramatic difference to any room, changing it from warm and cosy to bright and light.

Position your curtain pole higher, a few inches above the frame, to give the impression of higher ceiling.

Place it lower to give the opulent optical illusion that encourages fabric to drape on the floor.

Extend it to its widest point and draw curtains past the windows rather than leaving them hanging over the windows when drawn to bring the maximum amount of light in (and to make a room look bigger). If your window is too large, make your curtain pole smaller.

Make Memories

Every day we’re assaulted with art that’s fallen off a factory production line. It can enhance a room, adding colour yet it’s hardly inspiring and unique. Say no to Ikea and Next and choose art that means something to you, it will probably cost less than a print of an obscure part of Paris!

Have a chat with your partner, your family and you friends. Discuss memories that feature you all and build art around it.

For instance, if you met your partner on an evening out, consider taking a picture of the venue and hanging it on the bedroom wall.

If you and your friends adore Trivial Pursuit, have pie chart placemats made for the most sociable part of the home.

Let little ones loose with paper, canvases and the great outdoors and ask them to recreate a special family day out. Once framed you’ll find you and your family are much better at creating bespoke art than a factory production line ever could.

Group and Lean

Many of us have a mismatched collection of ornaments that all mean something. Whether they’re vases or glass or even ceramic figures, positioning is everything. Have a look around the house and group ones together with similar themes, according to colour, size, age or material. You can complete the look with a book and a picture leaned against the wall (not hung). You’ll be amazed at the results.

Raid the Recycle Box

Baby blankets make excellent throws for furniture while children’s T-shirts can be sewn and stuffed to make personal bespoke pillows. In fact almost any unwanted fabric can be transformed into something new even if you’re not known for your sewing skills. Use scarves as curtain tiebacks or simply drape over curtain poles for splashes of colour. Look again at what you own, root around in the loft and you’ll be stunned by what you already have.

Step Outside

Out there is a world full of wonder, ready for decorating your home. Pick real twigs for that arty display (why would you choose plastic anyway), choose evergreen foliage to fill an empty vase and top up with one or two flowers from the garden. From berries to dog wood, holly to conifers, tulips to carnations there is something to use all year round and all for free.

Jam jars are incredible at adding a shabby chic vase display too, just in case you find yourself short of a vase!

Dribs and Drabs

Sunday Woman Magazine is all too familiar with the little bits that are often left at the end of a tin of paint. Not enough to paint a wall but not empty enough to throw away the tins often fester until rusty.

Have a look at your furniture; see if any would benefit from an overhaul. Bite the bullet and paint it the same colour as your wall. You can then choose to varnish it to seal in the colour or you can sand it and give it a distressed shabby chic look.As always, if you are spending money on interiors or on your garden you need to make sure you are properly prepared with home insurance should the worst happen.

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