Recently the news has been full with studies claiming that the typical British pear shape is no longer the norm for women. More and more women are developing the apple waistline which includes larger breasts and smaller differences between waist and hip measurements. Although few women like to be labelled as an apple, picturing a rotund ball akin to a weeble, it’s not actually an unattractive figure as it is voluptuous and desirable if kept in shape.

There are ways to accentuate the best bits giving more of an hourglass or pear appearance and stylish women’s clothing is one of them.

Grow Taller

For many women who fall under the distinction of this plump fruit, it’s height that’s usually a problem, if only we could grow an extra six inches our bodies would elongate forming bumps in all the right places, however stylish petite trousers can give this effect without hitting the fad diet or stretching rack.

When tailored to fit stylish petite trousers will skim the waist. Whereas some women believe smaller sizes that pull the waist in actually add a slimming effect the opposite is actually true. Clothes that are ill fitting or uncomfortable only serve to highlight extra inches, whereas good material made well will detract from a fuller waist.

The length is also important, as when trousers are too long they let everyone know that you’re not as tall as you’d like to be. Stylish petite trousers that stop just above the shoe strap will give a tantalizing flash of an ankle as you sit whilst creating an optical illusion of height.

Accentuate the Positives

A positive to being apple shaped is our wonderful plump behinds, and if you’ve shopped for underwear recently you’ll know that this is a coveted body asset. Jennifer Lopez set the trend and now bottom fillers can be purchased from any lingerie outlet. Good trousers accentuate this wonderful feature by hanging with the right amount of weight for the fabric the trousers are made from. Without feeling tight they will cover comfortably smoothing out any lines and making your behind your prized asset.

To top a trouser outfit off a petite blouse or tailored shirt will help as these do nip in at the waist gently whilst giving elegance to your silhouette. As they are made for the smaller, shorter women in mind they will stop at the waist or just below to cover any tummy that is not iron board flat. With shirts you can then decide how much or how little chest you would like to show, as this is another asset of the apple, the ample bosom that cannot be matched by the pear!

The apple shape although unwanted is actually a wonderfully feminine frame, and with modern stylish clothes we don’t have to revisit the dark ages of boned corsets just to take an extra inch of our waists!