Twitter is an invaluable resource for freelancers. Not only does it help to combat the feelings of isolation working alone can generate it also has the potential reach of millions. If used wisely you can build up an army of followers on twitter that hang on your every word and look forward to hearing about your new adventures. Here’s how to use Twitter for business.

Keep it Professional

Opinion is great as it encourages others to retweet your pearls of wisdom and prompts them to reply to you, however clients will follow you on twitter so keep it professional at all times. Many freelancers have lost work as they’ve moaned about a job or a client on twitter or Facebook. It’s easy to do as you may have friends and family on there and working alone you finds little opportunity to vent, however remember this is your business face.

Be Personal

On the other side of the coin try to add a personal touch. For example Jeremy Vine may be a very busy journalist but he still takes the time to send a direct message to every one of his followers thanking them for their support. You should do this too. It will keep people following you for longer and will put you in the forefront of their minds should they need web design.

Don’t Spam

A lot of businesses think it’s enough to constantly post links to their website. Twitter is excellent for sharing links to live content on the web however unless a witty anecdote precedes it busy tweeters will not have the time to investigate further. Keep links to a minimum, build up the momentum over the week and then post on a weekend when people will have more time to browse.

Follow, Follow, Follow

The more people you follow the wider your viral reach. This is even truer of celebrities. By interacting with them you’ll be reaching a potential client base of millions. Even if they don’t reply, your tweet will be out there and seen by all of their fans.

Use Social Plug-ins

Many clients know they need to have a presence on twitter, and seeing that you already incorporate the social plug ins into your own website, they’ll feel confident knowing that you’re rolling with the times. Clients will prefer a web designer that understands the importance of social networking, and more importantly knows how to use it to a business advantage. Using twitter adds another string to your bow and shouldn’t be underestimated as it will stand out on a CV as a freelance web designer and the more followers you have the more successful you’ll appear.

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