For over a year we’ve waxed lyrical about fridges. Basically, we had a problem with the ones in the UK. With over a third of food being wasted (mostly pre-packed salads and perishables) we believed fridges were partly to blame.

Our theory was, the packaging. Not of the food, (you can see our director, Martina Mercer at the Brand Summit talking about this on YouTube) but of the display. We believed that if fridges had glass doors, we’d use more fresh food, and be more conscious of the food that was about to go off.

Not only this, but on a psychological level, we may want to display healthier options. Basically, glass doors ensure we make the most of the food we have, before buying more.

We searched high and low for a glass door fridge. ALL were commercial and a pretty penny. Do we really want a big bulky drinks display cabinet in our kitchen?

The solution came to us in the form of Husky. These manufacture retro 50’s style fridges but if you delve a little deeper you’ll find they also produce the counter top glass door fridge. We snapped one up and put it to the test. It took very little counter space and gave an incredible display of all the food inside. Although it’s supposed to hold drinks, we used it for fruit and salad. The airtight seal means that we can say goodbye to fruit flies in the summer without putting our favourite fruits out of view of the naked eye.

For a summer fridge it’s indispensable, over winter we love it for wine and extra Christmas nibbles. It’s now our fail safe fridge for everything fresh and perishable and ensures we all, in the offices, eat crisp fresh fruit before it goes out of date.

We’ve been testing for 6 months against a lesser brand now and have found it to be far superior, so this summer, if you want to keep your cool and the fruit flies away, we highly recommend Husky! (We chose Coco Cola branding for a retro, diner feel but they are available in lots of designs).

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