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I married a sociopath and you could too. Firstly forget the fact that we associate sociopaths with serial killers, yes some of them are violent, however the key trait of a sociopath is that they simply have no conscience. New studies suggest that an amazing 4% of us have sociopathic tendencies however in my experience it’s in love where you should watch out.

OK so if someone had told me the signs to look out for at the beginning I may have been a little surprised that nine out of ten bared an uncanny resemblance to my future husband however, there’s no guarantee I would have run as when in that fog, we only believe what we want to and no matter how intelligent you are hormones win every time! Hopefully though I can save some of you from my own mistakes!

Sign 1

He Loves You

Within minutes. Even before you’ve finished the date he’s declaring how well you’ve clicked, how no one comes close and basically appealing to your ego. As I’m on my second marriage with my best friend, I do agree that you can fall in love on a first date; however a normal person will take it slow despite feelings in order not to make you feel uncomfortable.

If you’ve been single for a while this declaration can make you feel as if you’re on the top of the world, yet that’s exactly what he wants – he won’t keep you happy forever though.

Sign 2

He’s Charming

Many sociopaths are adept at being charming, they know what to say and when to say it. They even assess your flaws and turn them into positives using flattery to get them everywhere. Many advice gurus suggest that they are social butterflies however I disagree with this, as they won’t have an army of friends, maybe just acquaintances that fit their purpose when needed.

Sign 3

He’s Self Obsessed

Sociopaths may not care about other people but they do care how they are perceived. They will lap up compliments but still be pretty insecure inside. This can come across as a huge ego where they tell you how great they are, how successful they are, how much of a good listener they are (when they’re probably not listening at all) and how good in bed they are.

Sign 4


It may seem cute for him to text you morning noon and night, to want to know what you’re doing every minute of the day, however this is a form of control and it will only get worse. If he knows you’re having time at a spa and want to relax and still badgers you or sends multiple texts before you’ve answered he may just be trying to place himself in your mind because…

Sign 5

He Can’t Stand Others Making You Happy

Seriously, family, friends, colleagues, he doesn’t understand how you can have fun with anyone but him. If he sulks when you have a night out with the girls after you’ve seen him the night before, run away fast! From experience someone who truly loves you wants you to enjoy yourself and be happy no matter if they are the cause of it or not.