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In my last article I discussed sociopathic behaviour and signs to look out for when dating so you can avoid the type. They may not be serial killers however they will break your heart, maybe empty your bank account and leave you feeling like a fool. Check out the first five signs and if they ring a bell, see if these confirm your suspicions.

Sign 6

It’s Always Everyone Else’s Fault

In the beginning you may sympathise with him, and may be even glad that when he talks of ex’s it’s in a bad way, however one day he will talk about you like that. Sociopaths never accept responsibility-for anything! It’s always someone else’s fault that they didn’t get the job, they cheated on their lover, they didn’t get to work on time – the list is endless. If he can’t accept responsibilities for anything ask yourself why and realise that a few months down the line everything will be YOUR fault.

Sign 7

He’s a Great Liar

Sociopaths like to lie, it gives them a feeling of power and they’re so good at it you may even question your own sanity or berate yourself for suspecting his honesty in the first place. They’re the first to say “I swear on my child’s life” as they really couldn’t give a damn as long as they get their own way.

Sign 8

He Has Two Sides

You may find yourself exerting damage limitation when you go out from chatting to his friends (in case he mistakes it for flirting) to avoiding reasons to upset him. Basically he’s a master manipulator and a Jekyll and Hyde. He will always be sorry, and when he is things will be brilliant, he’ll be loving, attentive and God’s gift to women, however that evil side will become more frequent with time.

Sign 9

He Has a Story

Many of us can’t stand to think of ourselves as victims however this is how the sociopath gains your sympathy from an abusive upbringing to an ex that cheated, they want to appeal to your better nature so they can abuse your emotions.

Sign 10

He’s Sex Mad (and maybe you are too)

A sociopath won’t be able to keep his hands off you and many are sex addicts. It’s hard to recognise a first as every new relationship begins with this phase however he’ll sulk if you’re not feeling up to it and will probably threaten to go elsewhere.

Above all stay alert. Sociopaths may make you feel amazing and pander to your ego, they may even make you believe you’re the best woman to walk the earth, however it won’t last. Once you start seeing through them they’ll move onto the next but not before they’ve robbed you of your trust, money and freedom!