Dear Martina

I’m in my twenties and I really need to lose my virginity. I think if I don’t soon I never will as I’ll be far too old. I developed quite late and have just spent time concentrating on other stuff but now I’m ready to date I’ve realised just how bad it’s going to sound when I tell the chap he’s dating a twenty something old virgin. Who would want that? What can I do?

Dear Pure and Simple

Relax. God how I’d love to be a virgin again even at 33. It would be bloody brilliant to go through all that once more, and to give away that special something you can only give out once. In the US people wear promise rings as it’s quite cool to refrain from sex until marriage, it shows incredible willpower. You don’t have to wait until marriage but you do need to relax. Don’t mention it on a first date but when the time comes for things to heat up a bit, let him know. He won’t run away, he’ll be so bloody proud that he’s the one to take it from you.

Incidentally pick up 50 shades of grey, it’s a bit naff in parts, but you could learn a thing or two from the twenty something protagonist who just happens to be a virgin too!