iFit Active 3-in-1 Fitness Tracker
The iFit Active works as a personal trainer in your pocket.

iFit Active is your constant companion, providing you an insight into and inspiration for a healthier lifestyle. Wear it as a wristband, clip it, or carry it in your pocket all day and night for a personal calorie counter, fitness tracker and motivator – all in one. The wearable device and the iFit Active mobile app work together gives you the tools and convenience you need to improve your health and fitness:

·         Daily activity: tracking every step you take and your total distance travelled each day, the vibrant LED clearly displays your steps, distance and percentage of goal complete in real time

·         Sleep: automatically changes to night mode to record your sleep time and patterns. Easy-to-read charts in the iFit Track app help you review your data

·         Nutrition: the iFit Active displays a Net Calorie score, measuring the difference between your calorie intake against your calories burned to help you stay on track