I love my iPhone, I’m the person that’s bought into the Apple brand and have the merchandise all over the house. I’m the first to upgrade when a new phone comes out, and write from a Mac when in the office, a MacBook Air when on the go. I’m stuck, as they’re all connected but I console myself by telling myself that I have the best technology, despite the price, but do I?

After reviewing the IMO Q4 Pro, I’m not so sure. What am I paying for on an iPhone? What features warrant the £1000 price tag when I managed perfectly well for a week with a £60 smartphone? Did I miss anything? No, not really.

Here’s how I got on with the IMO Q4 Pro Review

On unboxing I was surprised. It looks like a smart phone, it feels like a smartphone and there’s even a port for an SD card to expand photo storage. There’s options to upgrade, and that seemed significant, as I felt like it put me in control.

The screen is clear and crisp while the usability is exactly the same as what I’m used to. I didn’t notice any lack of speed as I swiped from one screen to the next, from one APP to another. Like a child in a sweetshop, I went shopping for some favourite APPs. I took a look at my screen time on my usual phone to determine which APPs I used the most. Mail, Facebook, Weather, Maps, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Zoom, Photos and Slack. All downloaded, I was ready to play.

I was perfectly happy with the wide screen and the image definition, I didn’t notice any difference until I put both phones side by side, and then, the difference was so subtle, that I told myself off for being picky.

For multitasking, checking social media and sorting my mail, I found it operated seamlessly and not once did I become impatient with the speed. However, with children who game, I’m told it wouldn’t be ideal for a smartphone gamer, as the RAM is a little low. Just as well I don’t have time to game!

The Camera

I’m no photographer but I like to pretend to be and often takes shots of sunsets and my dinner! The IMO was great for this. I wouldn’t enter a photography competition with it, but would anyone really use their phone for their camera? It was ideal for uploading pics of the pugs to social media, and great for selfies. I liked it, a lot.

Face Unlock!

You’ll be surprised to learn that this smartphone has a face unlock, tech I thought was only reserved for more expensive smartphones.

If your child wants a smartphone for Christmas, or you need a spare for calling, texting and messaging, this is the phone for you. A pleasant surprise with a small price tag. Surprising and delightful, a great budget buy!

Sunday Woman Best on a Budget
Sunday Woman Best on a Budget