This May, ingenious pieces, artefacts and home furnishings are being made available through auction for the first time ever. These pieces are sure to be an intelligent investment while enhancing the interiors of any home they grace.

The jaw dropping pieces are the stunning work of CRAVT original. An interior design specialist who works with clients on an intimate level to provide pieces that truly reflect the personality and lifestyle of the buyer.

CRAVT Original already enjoys respect in the industry, while she has garnered an enviable status as an authority of interior design in Amsterdam. Usually available only to select clients, CRAVT Original are now launching into the global market, to make some of the more popular, favourite pieces available through auction. It’s an event not to be missed, and one which will see buyers receive a real investment with the potential to acquire these rare and unique pieces.

Restauranteurs, business owners, private individuals and hotel designers will be excited to see the authentic range of artefacts on offer. These pieces will add a conversation piece to any interior while elevating any space to a new design level.

We’re very excited to attend the auction which is being help over 3 days between the 16th and 18th of May. Although it takes place in Amsterdam, online bidding is available through a live webcast. Viewing takes place on the 14th May, while catalogues can be downloaded from the website. The catalogue alone displays the taste of the buyer as it brings style and elegance to any coffee table.

We can’t emphasis how unique this opportunity is and urge all of our 100,000 readers to visit the website and to download the catalogue as we’re certain you’ll fall in love with a piece. These pieces blend natural materials with contemporary design, and we’re sure the furnishings will speak to you in a way no other furnishing has.

The style is everything we adore about intelligent interior design, it’s thoughtful, bespoke, it tells a story and it impresses in situ, in any home.

Visit the website now, or book your well deserved trip to Amsterdam to coincide with this unprecedented opportunity to acquire these pieces by auction. We’ll see you there!