After years of searching, I’ve finally found the one. I’m overjoyed, ecstatic and really looking forward to ending every day with a top to toe pamper experience.

Now, I love shopping. I love beauty products and I ADORE self pampering. (I also adore pampering at Spas but somehow time and budgets never stretch that far).

I’ve spent many hours browsing through websites, through EBay, Amazon, Boots and Waitrose just to find the beauty products that will make me feel clean, beautiful and well taken care of.

The beauty products that every woman should have in her bathroom, the type of beauty products that can start a day off with a fragrant smile and end one with a satisfied sigh.

Not the fake tans, false eyelashes, hair damaging, unnatural products.

Those that not only make you feel truly indulged but somehow a little healthier too.

Products such as organic bath oils, pure essential oils, deep penetrating hair masks, real Moroccan clay facials, rock salt scrubs, brown sugar exfoliators, honeyed soaps and rich, luscious, herbal overnight creams.
Treatments to make lips silky smooth, tints to enhance (but not mask) natural beauty, serums to bring out that natural wave in my hair, not straighteners that make it go away with a burn.
Nourishing nail creams to strengthen my nails, so without any polish I have perfectly natural, perfectly manicured French talons. Treatments to keep my eyebrows tamed without coating them in sticky mascara like goo.
Fragrances that don’t overpower but smell feminine, floral, naturally beautiful so passers by mistake it as your natural aura.
Skincare products that work with your skin, not beat it into submission so it has no choice but settle limply on the face.
Teeth strengtheners and gentle whiteners that bring out the best of my smile but don’t make me look like Simon Cowell.
Grey coverage that works with my hair growth, that doesn’t leave a tell-tale stripe at the roots within a week.
And massage oils that cry out to be opened, to be rubbed sensuously on the skin if only my husband would take the hint!

I’ve found it all, in the one place, over at a spot called nuusuite!

Now nuusuite is currently undergoing changes so it may not be the best time to blow their trumpet but as we pull together our Christmas gift guides I couldn’t help giving them a shout out. See we’ve been on the look out for those naturally beautiful products mentioned to recommend to you, our readers, to suggest to your partners so you receive gifts you truly love this Christmas.

It seems we found them all in one place, as nuusuite’s tag line says it all.

Your Natural Beauty, Enhanced.



Of course, we’re still on the lookout for individual products to add to the women’s gifts part of our gift guides but we have found quite a few at nuusuite such as:

Bodytox Lavender Sleep Patches – Incredible patches you put on your feet before you fall to sleep. Be astounded by the toxins they remove overnight and awake feeling fully refreshed and bright

Lubatti Pure Indulgence Bath Oil – Oh my goodness, just having this fragrance fill the bathroom as the taps are running is enough to lift the senses but nothing beats stepping into the milky water to be enveloped in true essential oil bliss

Moroccan Natural Rhassoul Clay – There are a lot of brands trying to emulate this form of providing natural clay masks lately. Basically, they send you the clay in dry powder form and you mix it with water before applying it to the face. I’ve tried them all. FOM is good and gives great results but I have to say this, the Rhassoul beats them all hands down for a number of reasons.

  1. The generous sizes. They don’t give you a teaspoon full, each sachet has more than enough for your face seven times over. You use as much or a little as you’d like
  2. The natural element. Many other brands add their own fragrances and oils which makes them anything but natural. Rhassoul clay is just that. The pure clay you’d get if you were to stumble across a natural clay pit in Morocco (luckily without the sulphur smell, believe me I’ve been to one of these and the smell is incredibly bad!) This means you can add drops of your own essential oils. So one week you can have an orange uplifting face mask, the next a calming, soothing lavender mask, the next one that adds a little purifying sage from the garden and so on! (We’ll give you the tips on how to make your own in the run up to the party season don’t worry).
  3. It can be used anywhere. Hair, body, feet, hands, face or just the lips. There’s enough to use anywhere on the body and good instructions on how to do so.
  4. It’s affordable. We don’t often look at price tags here at Sunday Woman, as we believe quality is worth paying for. That being said, we do love a bargain and at just £.7.60 for 5 generously sized packets, this falls into that bracket


I’ll stop waxing lyrical now, as I think I’ve said enough but you really should go and have a look. Whether you’re shopping for someone else, feeling a need to be pampered or would just like to see the best natural beauty products on the market right now, you need to pop over to nuusuite. Myself, I have my job application in already as cheif tester as there’s nothing this website sells that I don’t absolutely adore.

It must be bath time by now!

Of course, with all this lip service, nuusuite and the three products mentioned have won awards. Here they are! Celebrate, you deserve it. BeYOUtiful!