I vaguely remember a piece on the news about JellyDrops, where the incredible founder explained why he invented these to help people with Alzheimer’s stay hydrated without having to drink full glasses of water. It struck me as a genius idea and one that was altruistic, which is rare in this day and age.

When JellyDrops got in touch and asked me to try them out I jumped at the chance. I wanted to see these for myself and was also quite excited to consume my daily water quota by eating sweets! I’m not very good at remembering to stay hydrated, especially when I’m busy, so the idea of being able to chew water on the go appealed to me greatly. In addition to this, I have three children, one of whom is autistic, and there are days when I forget to remind him to drink more so these seemed like the perfect solution.

First Impressions of JellyDrops

On opening the box I was impressed. They looked so shiny, bulbous and fresh. The colours popped out of the box and they weren’t sticky to the touch, which I was expecting. They have a smooth texture that is a little viscous, but not so sticky that you’d have to wash your hands after taking them. They looked like a futuristic fruit just ripe for the picking, and already my mouth was watering.

The First Bite

Out of the flavours of lemon, strawberry, blackcurrant and more, I chose the strawberry. I nibbled delicately as part of me was expecting a burst of water to explode into my mouth. However the water is infused into the jelly drop, so the entire drop has the same consistency throughout. The texture reminded me of Orbies, after they’ve soaked in water overnight. If you’ve never played with Orbies, they’re small beads that swell to a hundred times their size after soaking and if you break one they crumble into a firm jelly texture. It was a different experience. Not, unpleasant, it just took a little getting used to.

The Flavour

The flavour was nice, a little artificial although the site assures me the flavours are natural, it would be great to see these evolve into being 100% natural with no artificial sweeteners (as I think that’s what I could taste and I’m actually allergic to artificial sweeteners) as they grow in popularity, however, I’ve yet to meet a sweet that doesn’t use artificial sweeteners (it’s the Bain of my life, I’d much rather have all natural sugar!). It was delicate and not overpowering, and although it has no taste, for some strange reason, I could taste the water. As if the strawberry was watered down but not in a bad way.

The Experience

After eating the whole JellyDrop, which was quite large, I definitely felt refreshed and awakened. I am a coffee fiend and rarely drink water during the day but this reminded me why I should. The children also liked them, after they got over the Orbie texture and I think they’ll become a staple in this house next to the kettle to remind everyone to drink more water.

In Summary

These are a genius idea and a wonderful sweet way to stay hydrated. I’m looking forward to seeing how they evolve and will certainly recommend them to friends and family, and to YOU of course. They win one of our prestigious Top Product Awards for innovation, appearance, convenience and ingenuity. We love them!

JellyDrops Review

Where to Buy

A tray of JellyDrops costs £7.95 and there are subscription offers too. A full tray holds 300ml of water. You can buy them here or subscribe to receive regularly.

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