It’s very rare that I watch the TV and find steam coming out of my ears, however last week Alex Polizzi offended my field of vision by bringing the most obstinate man into my living room.

The man, a so called business entrepreneur, specialised in making seventies and eighties dull swags and tassels for curtains, his love for Velcro was quite honestly disturbing.

Alex, in her no nonsense way, stepped in as “The Fixer” to help him and his brothers rejuvenate a tired business before it took the roofs from the heads of four families. As a fan of Alex I usually nod along as she imparts her wisdom, yet this week I felt she kept her cool for longer than normal. She was obviously pregnant when filming and maybe this was why she kept her blood pressure low, meanwhile I screamed at the TV and nearly threw the remote!

Just what was it about him that made me so cross?

I was asked a question a few years ago when I foolishly applied to compete on “Come Dine With Me”. At the time, put on the spot I couldn’t really think of an answer. Consider it and see if you can?

What type of people do you dislike?

I’ve had a few years to think about this and still I struggle, but I think I can narrow it down to:

  • Narrow-minded People
  • Judgemental People
  • Snobs – Please don’t misinterpret this, I went to a Private School and the majority of my friends were never snobby as they had manners and class. I’m talking about those who think they have a right to look down their nose at someone just because they believe themselves (or their material possessions) to be better than they are.
  • Fools
  • Me, Me, Me People/ People who Don’t listen
  • Rude People/ People with no manners
  • Gossips
  • Know it Alls

This man fell into 3 categories. He thought he knew it all, despite his business failing he thought he knew better than business mogul Alex Polizzi. She went out of her way to secure him a branding team who had worked for Sky and a shop fitters who work regularly with Cartier yet despite this, he still thought he knew best.

He even attended a photo shoot for an interiors magazine and despite selling one of the most popular temporary furnishing of the home, he’d never heard of shabby chic and still he thought he was right.

It all boils down to one thing, communication.

As he pitched his 70’s swags to Alex’s contemporary loving mother for her hotel I hid behind a cushion. He’d seen her taste he’d received a full brief yet he still thought his style was best. He lost a £4000 contract simply because he didn’t listen.

Imagine the surgeons table if the nurses didn’t listen, the state of the film industry, a school, any institution and you’ll see it plays an essential part of life. So when one person doesn’t listen up they are considered a fool as they never broaden their minds, they never educate themselves and they never see the bigger picture.