Laser cosmetics are aimed at the older generation. Often with skincare products, they are aimed at those that ahve just started to notice signs of ageing. At this stage any product that offers a daily moisturising regime will give the impression of smoothing fine lines.

That’s why we were very interested to trail the laser products on 65 year old skin. The lines are not fine anymore, the complexion can be dull, and the skin can be quite dry. We thought Laser were very product confident and rightly so. Any cosmetic that claims to help those that do have visible wrinkles is worth championing in our book.

The scrub was divine. Unlike harsh exfoliators it uses the smallest microbeads to gently lift dead skin and to encourage cell renewal. We loved it as it didn’t leave us feeling dry either.

The eye cream and ultimate youth lift did exactly what it promised and tightened the whole area without being uncomfortable.

The products are wonderful for the over fifties but those concious of new lines in their thirties will also benefit. That’s why we consider this to be the perfect gift.