London Hotel Awards

Every year we carry out our London Hotel Awards. Along with the Spas, Clinics and Salons we review in London we also review the hotels our readers have earmarked as the best. We also review hotels, self catering accommodation and holidays throughout the rest of the UK. Find out more about our hotel awards and reviews in the SouthWest, the NorthEast and more.

To submit your hotel to our London Hotel Awards or to apply for a place in our Spa awards please contact our editor at

We will review the hotels on our shortlist throughout the year and the winner will receive a prize, and engraved pack and a badge for their marketing materials.

In 2015 our winner was Brooklands Hotel of Weybridge

In 2016 our winner was Presidential Apartments Kensington

In 2017 our winner was SACO Apartments London Bridge

Our reviews are currently underway for our 2018 winner.

Please do see our other hotel reviews and our clinic of the month award. We look forward to reviewing your London Hotel.

If you have a family hotel for review, self catering accommodation or family holidays abroad please email our editor at editor at sundaywoman dot com or use our contact page.

London Hotel Awards
London Hotel Awards

Entry Criteria for London Hotel Awards

  • For a hotel to feature in our London Hotel Awards it must be:
  • Available to review for one night’s stay out of peak season
  • Have a website we can link to on our site
  • Have ensuite rooms
  • Have a restaurant
  • Be within walking distance of a tube station in London

Hotels that have been part of our London Hotel Awards before are welcome to apply as long as they have reason to resubmit, such as a refurbishment or new addition to the hotel.

We tend to review spas and clinics separately so if your hotel has a spa and treatment rooms these will receive their own independent review although we will give you marks for the wealth of facilities at your hotel.

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