Sustainability is a word bandied about by many companies and brands these days, but do they really mean it? I know of some, that I won’t divulge here, who just “happen” to have sustainable suppliers for their ingredients/ materials and so use the word prolifically in their marketing in order to appeal to a conscious audience. Made to Last is not one of these companies. This mattress highlights why.

The mattress is Made to Last’s own brand, designed, developed and made by them in the most sustainable way possible. As their name suggests, they produce and sell products that will stand the test of time, will be handed down through generations, will be referred as antiques a 100 years into the future. Of course, a mattress shouldn’t be used for a century but it doesn’t stop them from applying this same ethos to the product they’ve made.

The Portland Green 2000 Pocket Sprung Mattress is made using recyclable marine plastic, it has holes to allow air flow, 2000 pocket springs, it’s turnable, chemical free and hand tufted. A single will set you back £400.

Mattress review
The mattress is luxuriously deep so we recommend using double flat sheets

The question is, what did we think of it?

We tested it for way over a month, as we do with every mattress we review. Why a month? We’ve owned mattresses before that seemed to offer the perfect support for the first few weeks, before sagging, slacking, unthreading and dipping in the middle. A good mattress should offer the same support on night one as it does on night 2601, especially if the price is higher than average.

This mattress STILL looks like new, and it has not had an easy ride. It has been tested by a 21 year old male gamer with a love for animals. The sheet has hardly been on it, as he kicks it off in the night (and hates making his bed), yet unlike the last one he tested, the material hasn’t bobbled, or shown any signs of wear at all. It’s astounding, really.

Baby chicks, goslings, kittens and dogs often frequent his room, and it’s unfortunate that one of the cats, Ludo, likes to mark new furniture. Yes, you guessed it, he marked this mattress. However, with some vanish foam and microfibre cloth, all traces were removed. No odour left behind, no stain. A mattress protector has since been invested in.

As a medium tension mattress it offers just the right amount of support, it’s firm but also a little giving on movement so feels soft and comforting. It’s very deep as you can see by the pictures, and does raise the height of the bed a lot so double flat sheets are used instead of single fitted sheets that claim they are deep but really aren’t!

In summary, this is one of the more superior mattresses we’ve tested and if you’re looking for stolid quality and comfort that appeases your conscience too, look no further than Made to Last for a sustainable mattress.