Magazine Advertising Opportunities

Magazine advertising on Sunday Woman used to be by invitiation only, however as we grow, we realise that many, who share our ethos, would like to reach our readers. This is why, recently, we’ve opened up a few spots to allow high quality retailers to advertise ethically within our pages. There are still a few rules to abide by, when choosing to advertise on Sunday Woman Magazine.

We’ve always wanted to offer an uninterrupted read that doesn’t assault the reader with pop ups or needless advertising. We realise this is a little naive, and aberrant but we are determined not to deviate from this. This is why we like to work closely with advertisers, to ensure we’re both delivering value to our readers.

There are a few ways you can advertise on Sunday Woman Magazine. They are, as follows:

Sponsored Posts

We accept sponsored posts from selected companies. The article must be informative, not blatant advertising and it must provide value, be engaging, entertaining and capable of being shared and commented on. We will not accept posts that are overly promotional, full of links and grammatically incorrect. A sponsored post must be 1000 words long and you will have the opportunity to pitch a product or service at the end. To submit a sponsored post, please do email in the first instance and ask what features or trends we’re currently working on so you can fit in seamlessly. There is a charge for a sponsored post on the site.

Banner Advertising

To advertise on site with a banner, either on the front page or within our categories, please get in touch to see our rate card. We have very competitive prices and allow for your own creative.

Free Ways to Advertise

Product Reviews

We conduct product reviews, although we can’t always guarantee inclusion. We charge nothing for our product reviews or for featuring our findings in the magazine.


We run our awards every year. We charge nothing for entering the awards. If you win the award you receive a brass engraved plaque and a badge to use on your advertising.

Why Advertise on Sunday Woman Magazine?

We have a very diverse readership who all enjoy luxury products and experiences. Our readership grows daily as do our unique visitors per month. By advertising with us, you are associating with a high quality, sophisticated magazine and demonstrating that you understand the importance of providing value and luxury to your customers. Our conversion rates through advertising are some of the highest in the industry due to our diligence at selecting the right advertisers for our numerous sections.