There are so many gimmicky cosmetic gadgets on the market that I was a little hesitant to try out the Magnitone, yet looking closer it claimed to solve all my skin issues.

I have pores that could be smaller, the onset of deep wrinkles (a little Botox in Hull helps with those) and a double chin that no amount of exercise and dieting can shift.

With combination skin I’m never quite sure whether to moisturise or exfoliate, to deep or gentle cleanse. I do know thoough that regardless of the skin type I love a deep clean.

Trying the Magnitone for the first time that’s excatly how it felt. A thorough deep clean that made my skin feel like a baby’s bum. After seven days the results were even more noticeable and I plucked up the courage to post a no makeup selfie on line.

A month later and I can’t live without my Magintone. I am convinced it’s helped tighten my jawline and made my cheekbones more defined. The jowls have faded away and once again I look like an English healthy Rose despite spending most of my time in front of a computer screen.

RRP £97.99

Available here: Magnitone Pulsar Daily Skin Cleansing & Toning System, for Face and Body. Start seeing smoother, tighter more youthful skin in just 7 days.

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