In our family every person always asks for a main present, a blow the budget gift that takes a while to save up for! When they’re little it’s quite easy to choose, from the latest LOL house to a Nintendo Switch however as they get older it can become a little more difficult to find that big present that wows and elicits gasps of pleasure.

We’ve scoured the shops this year and found the very best main presents to give, presents that are especially good for the person who has everything, for the young adult stepping out into the world of university chaos to the young at heart grandparent who loves a new challenge.

Here’s our pick of the very best! We are updating this weekly until the big day so please subscribe for updates, we don’t spam!

Meta Quest 2

No matter how young or old they are they will adore being transported to another world through the Meta Quest 2 and it’s not just a solo gaming experience. The Meta Quest 2 can even turn your living room into a cinema, while you can play multiplayer games like cooking together or you can wander new faraway places such as the Taj Mahal. We especially like challenging each other with the light saber game that increases in speed as you play. It’s a great workout and keeps the brain alert while being extremely competitive too. It’s included already in all Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headsets so you can play straight away.

The Meta Quest 2 has won our best new brand award as it was formally known as Oculus. We believe it deserves an award for its versatility and for being the most immersive and healthy gaming experience there is.

The Meta Quest 2 wins our Best New Brand award

Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts Express Limited Edition

This is one of the best lego sets we’ve encountered over the years and is in our Top 5 Lego sets along with Hogwarts (the big one), the Millenium Falcon, London Bridge and the Taj Mahal. We’ve built a few Hogwarts Express trains over the last decade but these have been smaller versions, making us wish for something a little more substantial that delivers on the wow factor.

It has 3 light blocks and you can recreate many scenes from the films while there are a whopping 20 mini figures, my favourite is Lily Luna Potter, she’s so cute!

Of course it has won our Top Product Award!

Hogwarts Express Lego Limited Edition wins our Top Product Award

Roccbox Outdoor Pizza Oven

This is one incredible gift in a big box that will please anyone that spends time in the kitchen. Pizza lovers unite as you discover the very best outdoor pizza oven we’ve tried. It has everything you need (except the food) to create incredible pizzas on the patio or at home. It looks amazing too with its sleek fun design. We were surprised by the high quality of this pizza oven as its very sturdy and we believe it will withstand our inclement weather. Imagine Boxing Day, wrapped up in a Kelty blanket, spotting the stars around an open flame while pizza is cooked in minutes, delivering that restaurant taste.

We love it, but I think you gathered that!

A gorgeous gift for any foodie or outdoor enthusiast

Nokia G60 5G

This phone is amazing. I love an iPhone and have been suckered into Apple like many others, not wanting to switch as it just seems like so much hassle whereas upgrading to the latest iPhone seems so much easier, you can just transfer info right? Well, what if I told you that this phone can do that too, from ANY device, and believe me, once you’ve made that switch you’ll never go back. In my opinion, this has a better camera, easier organisation (the organisation tools for emails, notes, contacts, photos, media are incredible), it’s faster – MUCH faster than my iPhone 13. It’s stronger, I didn’t feel like I needed to buy a case before I used it, and it feels so nimble when sat in the palm of my hand. I loved it so much I convinced my mum to change over too and gave her one for Christmas. I really cannot stress enough just how easy it is to release yourself from the Apple trap with the Nokia G60 5G and once you do, you’ll never go back.

As a side note, it’s also made from fully recyclable materials, so you’re protecting the planet with this choice too!

Kettler Treadmill

Ok, so maybe you need to make sure someone wants one of these before having a Christmas pudding thrown at your head with offence, but if they are into fitness or just want to walk and run more in the comfort of their own home then this is the very best treadmill to gift. We’ve tested a lot of sports equipment over the years and treadmills are one of those we’re always disappointed in, as domestic ones tend to wobble when you run, are not very sturdy and don’t generally have good statistic checkers. This one has none of those problems. It is sturdy, it feels like you’re on a high quality treadmill at the gym and it also folds neatly away. We are thoroughly looking forward to burning off those mince pies while catching up with The House of the Dragon.

We love how sturdy it is but also easy to store

Cobra Lithium Battery Lawnmower

It may seem strange to gift a lawnmower, but hear us out. This was going to go into one our gardening guides but after trying it out we thought, “who wouldn’t want to cut the grass quicker without cords?” It’s extremely sturdy yet it folds up to store pretty easily. It’s really easy to use. Once the battery is charged you just go! It’s great for small areas, such as the grass lining the pavements outside, or small postage stamp gardens but it’s also great for larger gardens too. It has many settings for the length of grass you’d need and it’s really light, lighter than a flymo and with much more power. We’re always a little skeptical with battery powered items as they rarely deliver the power we need, especially in vacuums (except the Roomba v5 that we’ll review below) and so it’s such a pleasure when a brand actually delivers. When looking up the price we thought this lawnmower would easily be £500 plus but were so surprised that it’s now available for just £200. That’s a huge present that will deliver throughout the year and save effort, time and money. It definitely wins our Best on a Budget award.

Cobra MX3440V wins our Best Budget Buy Award

Roomba i5 Robot Vacuum

This is the latest addition to the Roomba family. We’ve reviewed robot vacuums before and not been too impressed but with this one we are. If you have the budget for it this would make a great gift for a young adult in their first home, an elderly relative or even yourself. It keeps floors spik and span and is even popular with the younger generation as PewDiePie has one! The updated, latest version is incredible, you can control it from your phone. Set it to go while you’re at work and come home to a clean floor. It has oddles of charge time and returns itself. It also detects objects but still manages to get into those pesky corners and under sofas. We love how unimposing it is, it just gets on with its job, silently, and gives you one less thing to do daily. That’s a great gift to give in our book!

We’re also including this in our luxury gifts guide as it deserves a double mention!