By now, you will have witnessed many interior design trends as “what’s in” changes as often as the fashion on a Paris catwalk. There are obviously ways to overcome this, so you don’t have to makeover your home every time a new trend hits town and one interior expert, Room4Interiors tell you just how to do this over on their blog.

However, it pays to keep an eye on trends, they can be inspirational, they can make you fall in love and occasionally they can be so amazing that you finally capture your unique personality in your own home.

Our friends, over at Room4, chatted with our very own Decorators Devon Wife Martina Mercer about the all white trend that’s hitting our homes this year and how to make a white design work.

All white on the night

White is making a comeback, from white carpets to white furniture. In kitchens this translates as high gloss cabinets (have you ever tried keeping a matt finish bright white kitchen cupboard clean) and in bedrooms it means sheets, pillows, curtains and rugs.

Many will simply follow this trend by buying anything white, by slapping the Dulux Once on the walls and hoping for the best, however there are tricks to making it work.


If you do choose all white furnishings, you must choose varying textures. Textures are responsible for colour, as they reflect or absorb the light, delivering the colour you see with your eyes. At first glance, your furnishings may look the same, but as the eyes adjust onlookers will notice a depth to your all white interior design. Mix fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool and satin, textures such as fake fur, fleece and jersey and add crystal clear embellishments like glass buttons to cushions to really make your design stand out.

Pops of Colour

The all white kitchen is a sight to behold, but beware as it will highlight every blemish. The dirty cup that’s yet to be placed in the dishwasher will become the focal point if you don’t have something else to draw the eye. This year, along with white trends, pop art is inspiring kitchen gadgets, allowing you to simply add a big splash of colour to an all white kitchen design with a pop!

You can also choose to vary the tiled splash backs, add blinds and furnishings that draw the eye or you can commit to an ultra clean kitchen forever more!

You may also want to reconsider letting these into the kitchen for a while!


For more tips and advice on interior design and using modular furniture in your home, pop over to the DecoratorsDevon blog.