The internet is flooded with interior design tips and advice on how to make a house a home yet it doesn’t stop us aching for more. Here at Sunday Woman, we’re a big fan of the personal touch as we believe a house should be more than an interior design triumph it should also be a home.

Bringing your own personality into the design allows you to create your own bubble, where every aspect feels safe, warm, inviting and YOURS!

Even if you rent there are some great ways to add your own personality to the decor, and you can take your additions with you when you move.

Here’s what we’re doing at the residence at the estate. We moved in here just 8 weeks ago and have the mammoth task of making over the gardens, the offices and the barns but already, with the help of some clever products, the house is starting to feel like home.

Location, Location, Location

Maps are finally becoming coveted in home interiors. Designers have realised the beauty behind the map whether it’s a modern, minimalist underground map or an antique ordnance survey map, it all adds to a great design. Colourful maps can really pick out the accents in your rooms, while older maps can add muted hues that deliver a more classic feel.

Now, we think every map should tell a story, your story. With the plethora of personalised map merchandise out there, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. You don’t have to choose maps based on your current location, although that is homage to your home, you can source maps for any memory you have. From that first date to the place where the children were born, your parent’s birthplaces or the spot of your very first kiss. If you do choose maps based on your location and then find yourself moving house, the map becomes another memory on your journey of life.

We chose this incredible wallpaper (that basically hangs itself) from Love Maps On in the old RNC ordnance survey design. It’s incredible for a few reasons.

a) It’s self adhesive, don’t make the mistake of thinking this is like a wall decal, it’s not. This is very high quality thick wallpaper that really transforms a room.

b) It’s reusable. The quality is such that if our offices move we can take it with us.

c) It’s re positionable. This sounds like a little thing, it’s not. We’ve used many wallpapers and yes, with paste, all can be slid across the wall to fit. How many though can be adjusted without weakening the paper, making wrinkles, air bubbles or tearing the paper? This one can.

d) It’s ready quickly. This is personalised wallpaper that uses a postcode or location of your choice. It’s printed to order and made with exceptional care. This being said, it really doesn’t take long after the order for it to arrive.

e) The customer service is amazing. The company send options and mock ups allowing you to choose from 6 different map types to suit your colour scheme or interior design project. Only when you’re completely happy will they go ahead.

It took us just an hour to have it on the wall looking amazing, and of course, we chose the postcode of our estate, the headquarters of MM Magazines that holds all the offices for :

  • The Young Gardener
  • Decorator Dad
  • The Consumer Voice
  • Customers Love
  • Family Mealtimes
  • eSeller News
  • Ma Larkin

We’re all here and every single magazine loved this map wallpaper so much that they’re considering buying it for their own homes.

See it in position for yourself and make your own mind up. We truly believe there’s no better way to make a huge statement while personalising your home. You can find your own at – You’re Welcome!