Last week Hat Trick Productions got in touch with our editor, Martina Mercer, to ask if she’d like to take part in a reality show over the summer. The show would emphasise the growing wealth divide in Britain and give two families the chance to experience life with a very different budget to what they’re used to.

Hat Trick chose Martina for her success as an award winning business woman and her fight, against the many odds, to make a name for herself, and a future for her family through hard work and determination.

It’s no secret that Martina began her journey cleaning caravans while studying for a degree after escaping an abusive marriage and being a single parent to two children. During this time, Martina also blogged and wrote her first novel and her writing along with her astute business acumen (being in business since the age of 14) made her popular as a marketing consultant and copywriter.

Ten years later, Martina is obviously, our editor but she also works as a freelance journalist, blogger and marketing consultant to brands you may have heard of. Despite her success she was reluctant to take part in a documentary that celebrated her wealth as she really doesn’t believe she’s rich in the monetary sense!

Martina Mercer on set with Denham Productions

Martina Mercer being filmed for another Channel 4 documentary

As Martina says, “I was brought up never to discuss money so I don’t think I’d feel comfortable with the financial aspect although it is a great opportunity! I am the breadwinner of the family which means I earn enough for two incomes, when my income is divided in two it really doesn’t look all that favourable! On top of this, I actually work as a freelance editor for Sunday Woman for free, and I built up so many debts, during my single parent days that I’m still paying them off! The businesses are obviously healthy and I like to think of them as successful but I plough the profit all back into the businesses to expedite growth. One day, I will, award myself a nice wage that sees me sitting comfortably, but for now, I’m happy to take a very modest salary and to invest in the future of the businesses. I think anyone swapping with my family would actually be quite surprised at how little we do spend! I even grow my own veg and while I love Chanel Handbags and expensive cosmetics, I never treat myself to them, they’re just too indulgent. Luckily I do get to test a few great brands through the review process on Sunday Woman and through my role as beauty director for nuusuite so that does make up for it! My husband, meanwhile makes bespoke furniture from his workshop in Devon and should be recognised for the support he’s given me over the years.”

With Martina’s frank confession, Hat Trick Productions are left with a place to fill and are extremely keen on finding succesful business women.

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Sian, of Hat Trick Productions sent us information on exactly what they’re looking for and now, we’re helping them find the perfect person to fill Martina’s shoes.

“Hat Trick Productions, (makers of Have I Got News For You, Outnumbered and Dinner Date) are looking for families from all over the UK who would like to take a on a challenge as a family for a big new social experiment-driven documentary series.
They would love to hear from families of all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life, as the series will explore family life in modern Britain. Something that they are incredibly keen to feature, are families in which ‘Mum’ is the breadwinner or runs a successful business.
The series itself is all about families and wealth in modern Britain and they will be looking at how wealth and family life relate to one another. In order to do this, they would like families to take on a fascinating challenge!
In each episode, two families with very different incomes will swap their homes and budgets for one week to get a glimpse into life for a family at the opposite end of the wealth spectrum!
The experience is likely to be an eye opener for both families, providing an insight into the ever-growing wealth divide.”

To speak to one of the team for more information or to apply, email or call Sian on 0207 184 5775.