How many times have you heard the old advice of “never mix business with pleasure”? It’s so ingrained that we rattle it off every time a friend shows an interest in their boss.

These little pearls of wisdom can go back centuries, gems like, “a leopard never changes its spots,” “distance makes the heart grow fonder” and my favourite, “love comes when you least expect it.”

Isn’t it about time we shook these up a bit, challenged them and brought them into 2017? With the internet no one waits for love to come knocking on their door anymore, they go out and grab it. Distance isn’t really an issue as Skype has seen to that. Maybe a leopard will never wear stripes but it could be fun trying. While mixing business with pleasure could give you the biggest professional and personal thrill yet!

How many couples do you know that met at work? Ask the older generation how they got together, ask your married cousins, you can bet that one out of four will have mixed business with pleasure to get their loved up reward.

Let’s not focus on the negatives, think about the positives.

Feeling Flirty

Let’s face it, nothing puts a spring in our step like a bit of flirting day to day. It makes us feel super sexy, uber confident and pretty hot. Adding a flirtatious twist makes you happier which then increases productivity, it’s a win win.

In and Out of Bed

When there’s someone at work you have your eye on the alarm clock doesn’t sound so bad. You’ll jump out of bed ready and raring to go. You might spend a bit longer on your appearance but that’s all part of the fun. How many people can say they love going to work every day?

Afterwork Drinks

Suddenly you’re not just assessing pubs and clubs for after work drinks, you’re seeing them with whole new eyes? Do they serve food, could your lover be persuaded to a romantic meal? Will this become “your special

If you choose one of our multiple personality venues like Jewel, you can rest assured that whatever your mood, party or personal, you have the venue to step it up a notch!

Making it Work

The secret to making it work is to choose relationships that could have staying power, in that they might last longer than a one night stand. This way, as things develop you can choose to go your separate ways at work so your personal life isn’t affected.

Mixing business with pleasure is great and it works for tonnes of people, you just need to know when to take it out of the office because if you asked that older generation, your married friends and loved up cousins now if they still work together the answer would probably be no!